Album review: Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component


Mick Jenkins, 25 and born in Chicago, released his debut full length studio album on 23 September. The album is made up of 15 tracks and follows a general theme of loving and being loved. He released the album under the label Cinematic Music Group.

The album is considered “new age rap” because of its deviation from the conventions of traditional rap albums and its elements of poetry and storytelling. Jenkins highlights water as a symbol for growth, change and healing. He also battles with the idea and perceptions of love outside of its romantic context.

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Twin Atlantic’s Ross McNae talks GLA

Currently on tour across Europe to promote their recently released album GLA, Scottish band Twin Atlantic are keeping themselves very busy. Perdeby spoke with Ross McNae, the band’s bassist, pianist and back-up vocalist, about their new album, their European tour and a possible return to South Africa.


Where did you get your influences for GLA from?

The rawer side of our musical tastes, living at home for the first time in years and Glasgow’s attitude, and each other.

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Introducing Crawling King Snake


New to the SA music scene is Crawling King Snake, the side-project of George van der Spuy. Van der Spuy, also known for his frontman role in Taxi Violence, has already released his first single under the project and has an EP in the works. Perdeby spoke to Van der Spuy about the project.


You mentioned that you started Crawling King Snake because you had the need to create music but this was often hampered by other people's schedules. How are you balancing this project and the commitments of Taxi Violence?
Because I run a rehearsal and recording studio (Kill City Blues), it  allows me the freedom and access to all the recording gear we have and I can utilise my time and focus my attention on multiple things during the day, depending of course on what needs my attention. Once a band is set up for rehearsal or we have no recordings, I can basically carry on doing my own thing. Taxi rehearses and writes during the evenings once a week and during that time we do pre-production for releases (which is still my main focus) and during the day I have some free time to focus on CKS.

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Album review: Nasty C - Bad Hair

Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo, better known as Nasty C, is a 19-year-old South African rapper from Kwazulu-Natal who became famous within the South African hip hop scene with the release of his debut mixtape Price City, in April 2015. The mixtape spawned the breakout hit “Juice back”, granting Nasty C further popularity. On 23 September 2016, he released his debut album Bad Hair. The album is a solid debut effort from the young artist, with great production, strong lyrical flow and meaningful lyrics throughout the album, but it suffers greatly from a lack of a distinct and unique identity.

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Introducing Slow Jack


Slow jack is a pop rock band from Cape Town made up of Hannes Muller, Jayme van

Tonder, Jeandré Hector Schultz, André Skywalker and Adrian Fowler. Perdeby chatted about all things Slow Jack with the band leads Hannes and Jayme.


You single “Love to dream” is pretty groovy to us. What has the reaction from the fans been like?

As a newly formed band it was our very first release and we never expected such overwhelming support and reaction as we did receive. Family, friends, fans and strangers that now have become friends were all super supportive with the release and we had an unexpectedly large number of downloads of the song from our website.

What was really amazing at our rooftop gig in Cape Town was to experience the crowd singing along, knowing the lyrics.

To date the support has been unreal and we are super privileged to have gained such loyal fans in such a short period of time.

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