Things you wished you packed for Oppikoppi


When attending something as exciting as Oppi you can often breeze over the finer details when it comes to packing, especially if your mom is not the one packing your bags or, even more likely, you decide that you’re going to pack the morning of. Have a look at some of the top ten things seasoned festival attendees wished they had brought along for the ride.

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Oppikoppi’s Unsea promises stellar lineup


It’s that time of year when first timers and veterans alike come together in Northam to brave the dustbowl that is Oppikoppi. The 22nd anniversary has been titled “for the lovely young taken to THE UNSEA” and will welcome a wide variety of artists, both newcomers and old favourites, to partake in the festivities.

August Burns Red, a Christian metalcore band from the USA, is the headliner for The Unsea. With multiple albums and a Grammy nomination under their belt, this metal loving group from Pennsylvania has been highly anticipated by many South African fans and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in their first performance on African soil.

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Review: Republiek van Zoid Afrika Vol III Karen Zoid


Karen Zoid is a singer, song writer, guitarist, television host, and judge on The Voice SA as well as familiar South African favourite in the rock music industry. Her work in both English and Afrikaans has gathered much acclamation from a diverse range of critics. Her first album, released in 2002, set her extensive career on a path of success. Republiek van Zoid Afrika Vol III, her twelfth release, is a widely anticipated compilation album featuring tracks recorded on Zoid’s late night TV talk show of the same name.The first compilation album of the series was released in 2014 after the first series of Republiek van Zoid Afrika came to an end. Thereafter two more series of the talk show were commissioned by DSTV and KykNET followed by two more RZA albums. Volume III is the third album in the Republiek series and it certainly lives up to the high standard set by the previous two releases.

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Review: Kongos Egomaniac


South African-born musicians Kongos released their third album, Egomaniac, earlier in June. The album stays true to the band’s unique sound while experimenting with their wide range of musical abilities, creating an album that is deeper than their previous offerings. A large portion of the album was written while touring and only one track was written by all four band members together.

The album, as indicated by its name, deals largely with the themes of the self and the mind. Lyrics come across as poetic, mysterious and philosophical but revolve around common situations that involve being controlled and being in control, fame, relationships, freedom, and questions about belonging and identity. This combination makes the album’s preoccupations simultaneously relatable and somewhat distanced from the listener.

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Beyoncé Lemonade- review


Beyoncé has a tendency to shock the world and send the internet into frenzy by releasing entire albums in secret. The release of her visual album Lemonade was pre-empted by the surprise release of her single “Formation” in late February this year.

The concept of a visual album is that each track is accompanied by a video. Prior to the release of the album she coyly utilised Instagram as a platform to post teasers for it. Lemonade is Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, and features vocals by The Weeknd, James Black, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack White.

Lemonade is about much more than her husband’s rumoured infidelity, which is perhaps the most obvious topic of the thematically varied album. The first half of the album explores this theme through lyrics like “you can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath” in her opening track “Pray you catch me”. She goes on to explore emotions like sorrow and disbelief that transition into anger and apathy in the tracks that follow.

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