Album review: Bonobo - Migration


Simon Green, a.k.a. Bonobo, has come a long way since his debut album Animal Magic in 2000. His 2013 album North Borders brought his name into the main stream with tracks such as “First Fires” and “Cirrus”. His latest album Migration proves to be his most sophisticated album yet.

The album showcases Bonobo’s skilful down tempo sounds, but with a cleaner and more subtle hand. While his 2013 album North Borders is often criticised for its moody sounds, Migration breaks the monotony with some faster tempo tracks. The opening song “Migration” gives a taste of the rest of the album, with a slow rise and subtle sounds that add a complexity to a relatively simple track.

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UP’s own music talents


Starting university can reveal previously unthought-of opportunities with success well in the reach of the average student.

Ewan Botha is a law graduate from UP and also the lead vocalist for the post-grunge punk rock group Impact42. They have regular performances at Rumour’s Lounge in Johannesburg. This five-piece band relishes their simplicity and the ease with which they can be listened to. Impact42 reaches out to their listeners in a unique way with emotional lyrics and simple enjoyable riffs. Fans can access their new EP on SoundCloud, iTunes and Facebook. If you happen to catch them, Botha insists you have a drink with them as their favourite part about being in a band is engaging with fans. Keep an eye out on Rumours and upcoming music festivals because this band always delivers a head-banger.

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Album review: Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component


Mick Jenkins, 25 and born in Chicago, released his debut full length studio album on 23 September. The album is made up of 15 tracks and follows a general theme of loving and being loved. He released the album under the label Cinematic Music Group.

The album is considered “new age rap” because of its deviation from the conventions of traditional rap albums and its elements of poetry and storytelling. Jenkins highlights water as a symbol for growth, change and healing. He also battles with the idea and perceptions of love outside of its romantic context.

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Willemien talks Afrikaans-French fusion

Willemien Heys won a national award at the Vrystaat Kunstefees this year for her and Adelle Nqeto’s production, “Twee Hartstale”. Heyns is a lecturer at UP and Nqeto is one of her former students. Perdeby spoke to Willemien about her music and her focus on language.

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Twin Atlantic’s Ross McNae talks GLA

Currently on tour across Europe to promote their recently released album GLA, Scottish band Twin Atlantic are keeping themselves very busy. Perdeby spoke with Ross McNae, the band’s bassist, pianist and back-up vocalist, about their new album, their European tour and a possible return to South Africa.


Where did you get your influences for GLA from?

The rawer side of our musical tastes, living at home for the first time in years and Glasgow’s attitude, and each other.

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