UP student DJ JBG rising through the ranks


In UP lectures he goes by the name Jagger, but on the music scene he is JBG. Third-year Informatics student and DJ Jagger Bellagrada has been making waves in the music industry. Perdeby recently caught up with this young and upcoming musician to get a taste of what it’s like being a student and a DJ.


What are some of the places you have performed at?
I have performed at a number of different venues across Gauteng, but the biggest highlight for me would be making my H2O debut in 2014 when I was 18. Other highlights include playing at the Holi One Colour Festival as well as Nicci Beach in Boksburg.

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Student Hip-Hop group The Looneys


KwaZulu-Natal is arguably the biggest household name in South African Hip-Hop, boasting the likes of Nasty C, Riky Rick and Okmalumkoolkat. Perdeby managed to catch up with one of Ladysmith’s rising Hip-Hop groups, The Looneys. The group has four members: OBZ, Bzurk, Skitos and SaNa MLK. Perdeby chatted with two of the group’s members to find out more about this Hip-Hop collective, which has been making music for seven years.


How long have you known each other?
Bzurk: Round about 2005, I was in Grade 3 when we met.


Who would you describe as your biggest musical influence?
Bzurk: Kanye West, yeah...Kanye West. Taking a lot of songs as well from different sub-genres of Hip-Hop. It’s not just only one type of Hip-Hop. If you listen to a lot of our songs, sometimes we incorporate Trap... It’s like a new sound, sort of like that’s coming out here in South Africa. Like Tribal Hip-Hop.

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Ten minutes with PHFat ahead of Mieliepop

Producer PHFat will be performing at The Republic of Mieliepop Music Festival from 17 to 20 March in Lothair. Perdeby caught up with PHFat ahead of the festival.


Your last album was released in 2013. When can fans expect a new album to drop?

That’s a really good question. I’ll be pretty p***ed off with myself if I don’t have an album out before 2017 is done.

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UP’s Adelle Nqeto heads to Mieliepop


Adelle Nqeto, one half of the Flint, meet Spark duo - is heading to The Republic of Mieliepop Music Festival from 17 to 20 March in Lothair. Flint, meet Spark recently released their final EP as Nqeto focuses on her solo career. Perdeby spoke to the UP alumna as she prepares for the festival.


You performed in Flint, meet Spark for the last four years and have just released your last EP. What did this stage mean for you and your career?

It means quite a bit, and is definitely the highlight of that stage in my life. It also is a marker for the beginning of music for me, in the sense that it’s the time that I decided I might want to do this thing for reals, as a career. Flint, meet Spark helped me break out of my shell and it was an incredible moment in time, that I’m grateful for.

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Album Review: Francois van Coke - Hierdie is die lewe


2 February marked the release of South African rock legend Francois van Coke’s second solo album, Hierdie is die Lewe. The blend of melodic beats and catchy lyrics makes the album easy to listen to by yourself, yet hard enough to blast on full volume on the way to a party.

The album is a good depiction of where Van Coke is in life, while the sound is simply an evolution on his first self-titled album. The first single, “Mensdom”, urges people to live in the moment and to acknowledge their flaws. Some of the harmonies and melodies are flavoured with an old-school influence that brings up a sense of nostalgia while still remaining fresh and new. Van Coke’s band, Die Gevaar, really came to the party with some electrifying melodies.

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