Yeezus: delusions of grandeur


Kanye West has a point to make. He has transformed himself into a god not only because he probably thinks he is a god, but because we think he is. As one of the hip-hop greats of the last few years, one frequently hears how Kanye West can seemingly do no wrong. And true to his style, he is satirising this belief in the form of his sixth solo album, Yeezus. It seems that this album was supposed to be our generation’s version of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ozymandias. However, with a lazy and ill-conceived title like Yeezus, the result has lived up to all of the expectations – and not in a good way.

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Tuks poet impresses Khuli Chana


Last Thursday Tuks students were treated to a visit by multiple SAMA award winning Hip Hop artist Khuli Chana. He was here as part of the 2013 Blackberry Khuli Chana campus tour in search of SA’s next big talent.

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Dan Patlansky, 20 Stones album review

Beloved blues maestro Dan Patlansky is back with 20 Stones, his fifth studio album.

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