Goodie Mob: Old dogs with new tricks


After more than a decade apart, Cee Lo Green has regrouped with Goodie Mob to present us with Age Against the Machine, a bid to reclaim their place in hip hop royalty. Goodie Mob faces the challenge of addressing the failure of their previous two albums as well as the progression in the hip hop genre since their last offering.

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New kids in town


Wolftown is the latest folk-blues band to come out of Cape Town. Here Sarah Pope (vocals, guitar, bass), Damian Upton (bass) and Kyle Sanders (drums and percussion) talk about launching their debut album to Gauteng audiences, including different types of performers in their live shows, as well as how Wolftown stands out in a sea of blues-folk bands.

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Nakhane’s Brave Confusion


Nakhane Touré spoke to Perdeby about some of the tracks on his debut album, Brave Confusion.

Tabula Rasa:
"Tabula Rasa" was written one afternoon after I had a fight with a friend of mine because I found out that he had double standards about certain things. If you listen to the lyrics, you can hear that they are quite sarcastic. There's a part where I say, "Are you disgusted yet? No? Well, I love you too." It's very sarcastic but I love him very much. We're still close. I heard about the word "tabula rasa", it's Latin. I downloaded a pronunciation on it and the pronunciation had a melodic thing about it that I liked. So I tried to figure it out on my guitar and that's how the chorus came about, by figuring it out the pronunciation of this word. I wrote the verses around that.

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Earl Sweatshirt comes of age with Doris


In 2010, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) burst onto the hip hop scene abrasively. The group seemed hell bent on offending with lyrics that focused on rape and murder. The shock factor was only exacerbated when the most talented member of the collective was revealed as Earl Sweatshirt, who was then 16.

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Jack Parow arrested for “borrowing” boat

Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow has been arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace at a dam near Northam, where the Oppikoppi music festival will be taking place this weekend.

According to a press release, Parow and a friend were detained in the early hours of the morning at Vaalkop Dam after “borrowing” a boat. They eventually came back to shore after repeated calls through loud hailers.

Parow will spend the weekend in jail, missing his Oppikoppi set, which is scheduled for Friday evening.  

Jack Parow is currently unavailable for comment. 

Photo: Kevin McElvaney

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