Album review: OK Go, Hungry Ghosts


Grammy Award-winning band OK Go is back with their latest album Hungry Ghosts. OK Go have embraced the digital era from their first record, gaining  over 51 million YouTube views on the video for their hit single “Here it goes again”.

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Becoming inquisitive: exclusive interview with The Curious Incident


UK pop rock outfit The Curious Incident has released several critically acclaimed singles and will be touring South Africa in November and December this year. Perdeby spoke to the group about the tour, their upcoming EP and the band’s South African influences. The band consists of Cavey Roberts (vocals and guitar) from South Africa, Mirko Piconese (guitar) from Italy, Dan Bowery (bass) from England and Diaz Meidiawan (drums) from Indonesia.

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Diamond Thug: ADHD electro indie at its finest


Capetonian indie electronic rock three-piece Diamond Thug will be visiting Pretoria next month. Perdeby spoke to the group before they set off for the Jacaranda city.

How did you experience performing at Rocking the Daises? How did the crowd receive you?

It was great. It started off a bit shaky because the crowd had broken the crowd barrier during Taxi Violence’s set the night before. We had to delay the start of our set a few minutes because they had to put a new barrier in, but once it started it was great. We had a pretty big crowd for 10:00 and they were up and dancing, which is always nice to see. It was also nice to see people gather before our set started, because that normally means they’ve come to watch you, rather than that they were just stumbling past. But all in all we love playing at festivals because of the entire experience that goes with it.

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Sweet Talker, Jessie J


English singer-songwriter Jessie J gained worldwide popularity with the release of her debut studio album Who You Are in 2011. In an attempt to remind the world of her presence, Jessie J has delivered her third album Sweet Talker, an album that showcases her brilliant vocal talent. Unfortunately, it is inconsistent and does not succeed in leaving a long-lasting impression on the listener.

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Bittereinder: A fully domesticated rap ‘n roll band


Pretoria’s gritty Afrikaans rap trio Bittereinder released the video for their new single “Skerm” early in September. What was at first a lone-standing video became a small teaser of what their latest album of the same name would be like. Skerm opens with a strong, attention-grabbing track called “Ampersand” that is still very much in the vein of their earlier work. However, the bulk of the tracks on the album are softer and more melodious than their previous albums. This becomes evident on tracks like “The ones” that features Johannesburg rapper Tumi Molekane and Dutch rapper Tim Beumers.

The slow, minimalistic, less upbeat theme carries over to songs like “Taalmeng” and “Klankanatomie”, which uses modern-day musical terms to describe everyday activities. The track shows how music can shape everyday facets of life and make them extraordinary.

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