Meet The Lebowski

Meet The Lebowski


The Lebowski is a new band that has originated at UP. The band, which consists of Llewellyn Steyn, Kris Hamersma and Dylan Pietersen, was formed in July 2016. This indie-rock band played at the Mieliepop Festival, Arcade Empire, the Goodluck Bar, Railways, Rumours Lounge and Aandklas.

They have previously recorded three demos, and have recently released their four-track EP, Pretty Bland. The EP is a balance of indie and alternative rock. Perdeby sat down with The Lebowski for a quick Q and A. Here’s what they had to say.


What made you guys form the band?

An indescribable attraction to Llewellyn’s moustache brought us all together. Second to this was the idea of helping Dylan find love through the band; girls love drummers. And then there’s also the not so significant fact that we love music and like being sweaty on stage.


What made you guys come up with the idea of forming an indie-rock band as opposed to a band that just does one type of music?

We didn’t choose indie, indie chose us.


What was it like performing at Mieliepop?

We really enjoyed it! Mieliepop is one of the coolest festivals we’ve been to. It’s really small and niche and you really get the idea that people are there to appreciate South African music. The scenery is gorgeous and everything was organised exceptionally well. We would love to play there again.


Your latest EP, Pretty Bland, was recently released. How would you describe the change in music from your previous demos to Pretty Bland?

We took a lot more time to do Pretty Bland, so we put a lot more thought into it. We also had a much better idea of what we wanted in terms of sound. We also felt like we had a lot more freedom to write the kind of music we enjoy playing so we think people will find the EP quite honest in many ways.


What inspired the name of the band?

We were looking for a name that was catchy, fun to say and meaningless at the same time. We were hoping to just be “Lebowski”, but some other progressive band beat us to it, so we did what any reasonable person would do: we added a “the” to our name.


You said that the band’s music ‘should always walk the fine line between mundane and poignant’. How is this reflected in your music?

Our music is such that people can listen to it and find the lyrics really pointless or at the same time really meaningful. It really depends on how you choose to interpret it. Hopefully it means that we are the sort of band that you can party to but also find an emotional connection to if you sit down and listen to our music with some good scotch.


Photo: Dé-ann du Toit.

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