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Homegrown band, Friends With Leaves, has been blooming since the release of their EP, Sleep On It, earlier this year. Perdeby spoke to band members Kiara, Angelo, Cameron, Ruan, Darius, and Rouxne about their experiences on stage and behind the scenes.


Since the release on your debut EP, Sleep On It, your following has grown exponentially. Does this growing fanbase come with new or different expectations?

Cam: It comes with new expectations, the biggest being that we can’t leave room for error anymore. We have to be the best that we can be on and off stage. All while still upholding our original feel for the band, which is a bunch of muso’s having fun and doing what we love the most.


Your single “Morning jitters” is receiving radio play throughout the country and cracked the Top 40 on Zone Radio in Cape Town. Was this reception anticipated?

Angelo: Every band starts with ambitions, hopes and dreams. This bar can be set as a whole for the band, and individually for each member. As a band, we had faith in our sound that was reinforced by the way “Morning jitters” was received.


On 4 March, you shared a gig with Desmond and the Tutus at Rumours Rock City. How was this experience?

Rouxne: I’m such a fan of Desmond and the Tutus. It was awesome seeing them perform live and actually opening a gig for them. I was a little star-struck meeting them backstage. We took a lot of photos for evidence.


You have performed at a myriad of events and venues, from Rocking for Rhinos to Aandklas, with plenty of other artists and bands. Among all the excitement is there one particular moment of awe that will forever be embedded in your memory?

Darius: For the whole band I’ve got to say that performing our EP launch at Aandklas, Hatfield was something we will never forget. Aandklas always has such a rad crowd and each one of us being affiliated with UP in some way, we all felt at home.


What is the most obscure inspiration or muse you have had for a song?

Cam: Morning jitters and a dirty mind is all you need.


A recent Rolbees Review on the blog Wat Kyk Jy? called you a “true millennial band – very equal and no labels.” How do you wear this description and does it accurately reflect the essence of your band?

Rouxne: I think it’s a good description. We have such a diverse mix of personalities and tastes in our band it is hard to categorise our music. All we basically aim to achieve is for people to relate to our music and have a good time listening to it.


Your social media has teased at a music video for “Morning jitters” for quite some time now. When can a release be expected?

Kiara: The music video release date is 12 May. We are all super excited and just hope that no one is offended by animal suits and irony.


You are part of the line-up for Chasing the Sun Part 2 at Railways Cafe on 19 May, alongside Lawless Gentleman and others. What can fans expect from this show?

Darius: Hard-hitting in your face sweet music

Angelo: Get ready to get dirty.


Photo: Natalie Velthuysen

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