Music for the Soul: Tuks Camerata hosts Champions of Song


Tuks Camerata hosted an evening of pure musical enjoyment on 30 March titled “Champions of Song”. The University of Pretoria’s choir, the hosts of the event, as well as their invited guests, Akustika Chamber Singers, performed at the Musaion as one of the few concerts that the Camerata will perform before heading on their Spain trip in July. To have Camerata perform alongside Akustika, conducted by their ex-conductor Cristo Burger, was a special occasion.

The performance ran smoothly with no interruptions or technical difficulties. The convenience of barcode scanners was appreciated for those who bought tickets online. Camerata opened with seven pieces they are taking to the World Choral Symposium in Spain.

Camerata’s performance was uplifting, emotive and humbling. Although all songs on the programme were met with much applause and appreciation, the choir’s second song, “In Tempore Bellireceived unanimous favour from audience members. The song was written for Tuks Camerata about going into war. According to conductor, Michael Barrett, the song is not supposed to be beautiful, but rather artistic. He describes it as “a kaleidoscope of really, really horrible sounds.” The unpleasant beginning of the song, executed with delicate control, gives way to a Latin chant that relieves the harshness and introduces a gentle conclusion. This song is undoubtedly a risky choice, but pays off without dispute.

Akustika performed their programme next, which had a more western influence. This choir consists of about 30 adults from the Gauteng area. Their programme seemed to be very well-rehearsed. Their sound was angelic and soothing, and their talent was undeniable, and their soloists emphasised this.

Overall, this was an ethereal and transportive performance that maintained variety and movement that kept the audience engaged. Both performances left the crowd in wonder.

Enjoy a similar choral experience by catching one of the four concerts that will be held by Camerata leading up to their trip in July.


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