Five minutes with UP rapper Korus


Korus is one of UP’s newest rappers. The second year Theology student has already built up quite a fan base since the release of his mixtape, Sincerely Yours. The rapper, who was born and raised in Nelspruit, has always had a passion for music. He grew up rapping with his brother and his brother’s friends from the time he was young.

Korus not only raps, he also writes his own songs. He says that he draws his inspiration from his life experiences, and credits his family as his biggest motivation.

His music style reflects trap, but his songs also feature elements of Conscious Rap. He says, “I don’t want people to listen to my songs and feel the same. I want to be able to move people with my music”.

Korus is set to release his new single, “Woah” on 1 April. This will be the rapper’s first single since the release of his mixtape in 2016. He says, “This is a very hyped up track. You’re going to be hearing bars on top of bars on top of bars.” Korus says that this upbeat track will also showcase how far he’s come as an artist. He says, “Since the release of the mixtape up till the time I recorded ‘Woah’, I could feel myself growing as an artist. I believe that as artists it’s important that we constantly challenge ourselves to grow, and that we push ourselves to always achieve more.”

When asked about what advice he would give to those who are interested in pursuing a career in music, Korus said that they should learn everything that they possibly can about the industry. He said that they should stay focused and that they should always stay true to themselves.

This year holds greats things for Korus as he is set to collaborate with new artists and to release another mixtape at the end of the year.


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