Album Review: Stoker - Stoker

Cape Town rock band Stoker have released their self-titled debut album. Their first full album introduces listeners to their own identity and voice better than before. Suited for seasoned rock fans as well as occasional listeners, Stoker has something for everyone.
South Africa has a relatively active rock following, so it can be hard to find a place among other successful bands such as aKing, Taxi Violence and even old veterans like Prime Circle. Stoker is a great introduction for the band as it gives a little taste of everything they have to offer. The band is made up of two sets of brothers, Chris De Wet Bornman (guitar and vocals), Jurgen Bornman (bass), Morgan O’Kennedy (drums), and Redge O’Kennedy (guitar and backing vocals).

The album opens with “Keep swirling”, a rough get-you-going type of rock song, which almost announces Stoker’s ability and worthiness of the rock label. This leads onto “Hot body/nobody”, which is packed with contrast. A dark and hazy guitar is layered over subdued vocals that create an interesting and pleasing result.
The range of music that the band is capable of comes across as the album progresses, from the heavy “Transylvanian summer” to the closing track, “Get lost in this”, which is calm and subtle compared to the beginning of the album.
A stand-out track would definitely be “Evil shaker II”, which embodies the essence of rock from vocals to melody and lyrics. The band’s attention to production and mixing shows the quality of Stoker’s music.
Overall, Stoker is a suitable introduction into South Africa’s rock household names. The album is worth listening to if you have even the slightest love for rock.




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