Tuks Anime and Gaming prep for UPCon’s return in 2017


Tuks Anime and Gaming is a society on campus that offers students interested in anime and video games a platform to discuss and engage with other like-minded individuals about their favourite activities. Perdeby spoke to Thami Phakathi, secretary of Tuks Gaming, to discuss the society’s plans to bring back UPCon in 2017, as well as their plans for the rest of 2016.

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E3 anticipates a year to look forward to


If the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is anything to go by, then 2016 looks to be quite the year for gaming. From industry giant Ubisoft we have a preview for Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the popular yet flawed Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 promises the same high tech hacking action, with a brand-new protagonist and many upgrades to the game. Character action specialists Platinum Games brought a bunch of new information about their dragon riding game Scalebound, showing gameplay that had the Expo abuzz for hours afterward. Sony showed off a gameplay preview of their console exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, and journalists got to shoot a robot T-Rex in the face while others watched in palpable excitement.

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Pokémon Go takes over our world


From 6 July lucky Pokémon fans in Australia, New Zealand and the US were the first to have access to the highly anticipated augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go. The UK and Europe followed shortly after, with Japan being the most recent release. Although the rest of the world still awaits the official release, many people have found alternative ways to get their hands on the game. The game’s popularity skyrocketed in the first week of its debut and has surpassed apps such as Twitter and Tinder in its short existence.

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Be the creator: a gamer’s world


The world of gaming is always expanding. New titles and remakes of old games are released every month, and there is such a wide variety that it can become difficult to sift through all the games to find ones that suit you. An option is to create your own game, and there are multiple websites that help facilitate this process.

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Lost in translation: Japanese self-censorship


It’s no secret that Japan strives to be different from the West when it comes to entertainment, and this difference is clearly expressed in the video games the country exports. However, games released in Japan are often radically different from the Western version, and not just in terms of language.

It’s an old phenomenon, dating back to the Nintendo Entertainment System, with games such as Top Secret: Resurrection of Hitler being renamed to Bionic Commando for its release in the West, and having all references to Nazis removed and replaced with innocuous versions, such as Hitler being renamed Master-D. A less egregious example would be the renaming of the spell “Holy” in the original Final Fantasy to “Pearl”, as Squaresoft wanted to avoid religious connotations, something they would repeat in their later Final Fantasy games, specifically IV and VI.

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