Magic: The Gathering


This year, the Tuks Gaming Society helped to restart the Tuks MTG (Magic: The Gathering) Society. MTG and Anime Thursdays have now become a regular event at the Graduate Centre. Perdeby spoke to Morné Snyman, chairperson of the Tuks Gaming Society, and Siveshen Chetty, coordinator of Tuks MTG.

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From FPS to RPG: anyone can be a gamer


Games in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre aren’t for everyone. Not everyone enjoys skulking in dark corners, unsure of whether they have the drop on their enemy or not. Many people are discouraged from getting into gaming at all, as their idea of available games sometimes doesn’t stretch further than Call of Duty or Battlefield. Luckily, these aren’t the only options available to the FPS-wary gamer.

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Games on the go: the new world of mobile gaming


Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm and is becoming more popular than ever. Mobile games have become such an important part of people’s lives and cater for almost every sort of game-lover. The popularity of these games can be seen when new games are released complete with television adverts featuring A-list celebrities such as Liam Neeson and Kate Upton.

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Five minutes with games journalist Laura Kate Dale


Laura Kate Dale is a freelance video game journalist, developer and podcaster based in the UK who has written for numerous publications. Perdeby interviewed Dale about her work and the challenges it involves.

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The positive effects of gaming

Many a gamer has been e-mailed, furnished with, and tagged in more than enough articles on the harmful effects of habitual gaming to induce precisely the neuroses that such articles warn against. As a remedy and an opportunity to throw off all those unswayable relatives who pass on these frustrating viewpoints, Perdeby has compiled a few of the reported positive effects that gaming can have.

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