Games you will miss class for in 2018


With this year’s rAge festival done and dusted, it will be another year until geeks, gamers, cosplayers and tech fanatics can convene once more. 

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gaming


There are many questions and options to consider when diving into the world of gaming. Which console should you buy? Which games should you buy? Role-playing games or first person shooter? Should you play online? All of these questions come down to personal taste. Perdeby spoke to Tuks Gaming Society, Fabio Viveiros from eAe.Reborn, a competitive Dota 2 team, and Alwyn Venter from White Rabbit Gaming about how you can get involved in competitive gaming.

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South African video game developer releases MMO role-playing game


Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by South African game developer Utopia Dream Entertainment Alliance, based in Johannesburg. The game was released on their website and on the online gaming platform Steam on 30 August 2016 and is free-to-play.

The game has typical features that gamers have come to expect from MMOs, such as character creation, but adds its own unique flavour to the genre. Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms has six character classes that each feel and play differently from each other. These are the swordsman, friar, archer, magician, assassin, and soul eater classes. Players are encouraged to experiment and play with the classes that they feel most comfortable with. The game world is also expansive, offering players three different kingdoms to visit and conquer: the Kingdom of Dragon, Kingdom of Magic, and Kingdom of Nature.

One interesting feature about the kingdoms is that these three regions do not inherently trust each other due to actions taken by the players themselves, which developers say takes place in the Ancient Battleground, available in every kingdom. Players can attack enemy kingdoms by teleporting from that kingdom’s Battleground. One potential drawback of this feature is that friends who want to play together must select the same starting kingdom during character creation, as they will only be able to change nationalities upon reaching level 35.

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Game Review: Batman – Children of Arkham

Telltale Games released their second episode of Batman – the Telltale series, Children of Arkham on 20 September. The episodic plot-driven game started with Realm of Shadows, and follows DC’s Batman in a thrilling new story in the traditional Telltale comic-style design. While Telltale makes use of inspiration from the comic books, they have created their own original story.

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Lost in space with No Man’s Sky


Released in August 2016, No Man’s Sky was inspired by classic science-fiction adventure and imagination. This action-adventure game was developed and published by a small indie studio called Hello Games. Developed for both Playstation and PC, the game is built around exploration, survival, combat, and trading.

The game starts you off on a randomised planet situated within a galaxy of 18 quintillion planets. You are able to explore and discover planets and creatures that no players have seen before, and perhaps never will again.

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