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Sensation Innerspace sold out
South Africa’s first ever Sensation Innerspace has officially sold out. The event will be taking place tomorrow at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. The line up includes DKs like Mr White, Nic Fanciulli, Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James, Daniel and Juan Sanches and Thomas Gold.

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Oppikoppi Diary Day 3


It’s the third and final day of Oppikoppi and we have to admit, people were starting to look and smell a bit manky. But their lack of hygiene didn’t stop them from enjoying their last day in the dustbowl. 

Festival-goers had to exercise their time management skills when Jeremy Loops and Shortstraw played at the same time. If only tequila gave you the power of being in two places at once.

With international bands on the bill, the day’s entertainment was highly-anticipated.

Innovative electronic genius Robert Delong took live electronic music to the next level as his fingers moved nimbly between his equipment. Anyone who uses a Wii controller to create music is pretty badass in our books.

Energetic performers Yellowcard went all mushy when they heard South Africans singing along to their songs, and Deftones drew a large herd of beasts as the perfect way to end the festival.

But local legends Mango Groove were the ones who stole our hearts with their first Oppikoppi performance. Who knows why it’s taken so long to get them here. Murmurs anticipating the rare show could be heard around the farm since the early hours of the morning, with loyal fans timing their tequila shots so that they could make it to 19:00. Their anticipation was rewarded by a dance spectacle, with some groovy backup singers adding to the ambience. 

Photos: Reinhard Nell

Oppikoppi Diary Day 1



The first day of Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast is done and dusted and Perdeby has spotted more than one strange beast amongst all the animal-print onesies and mankinis.

Festivals-goers were greeted by light rain to go with their homemade Irish Coffee, but that didn't stop the zombie-like herd of bewildered beasts from coming out of their shelters to enjoy the feast of local talent.

The first day was a memorable one, with acts like Straatligkinders, who spiced up Kurt Darren's "Kaptein". Shortstraw's chilled acoustic set quickly turned into a raucous party with fans dancing wildly on tables and benches. Judging from this reaction, their electric set is likely to be something to look out for.

Blues rock magician Dan Patlansky wowed the audience with his mesmerising guitar-playing in a way that only he can.

CrashCarBurn's set included a crowd-pleasing rendition of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".

Fokofpolisiekar celebrated their ten-year anniversary with an 18-track set filled with old favourites and some new surprises. It was also the launch of their live DVD entitled "Forgive them for they Suck K*k".

Photos: Brad Donald, Hendro van der Merwe & Reinhard Nell

Oppikoppi Diary Day 2


After waking up to some overcast weather, Oppikoppi quickly turned into a scorching Sahara desert and the beasts were once again able to roam the Oppikoppi terrain freely.

In the afternoon, three bewildered beasts prepared themselves for the Box Car race in the Dustbowl Olympics. A female Batman and her male counterpart, Robin, appeared first at the starting line.
They were closely followed by a man with a unicycle and toy car on his head. However, the two did not finish alone.
In the last stretch of the race, two dusty entrants came in with their pig police box car and came second in the race. The bewildered unicycle beast came first. All five contestants were awarded with Oppikoppi tickets for 2014.

The most stylish beast at Oppikoppi, Bongeziwe Mabandla, brought the Ray-Ban stage audience to their feet with his Xhosa folk. Encore after encore, it was still not enough for them. They wanted more.
We reckon he's definitely one to keep an eye out for. 

As the sun went down, the party got started with a tribute to Oppikoppi veteren, Koos Kombuis. He was joined onstage by Francois van Coke, Pierre Greed, Liela Groenewalk, Nick Turner and Bittereinder's Jaco and Peach to celebrate his 30 odd years in the industry.

The beasts had to split their time between doe-eyed Matthew Mole and Durban rockers Gangs of Ballet, who were scheduled for the same slot. Decisions, decisions. 

Scotland's Finley Quaye provided an inspired dose of reggae music, although his interaction with the audience leaves much to be desired. Lighten up, man.

Later on, Shadowclub drew a big crowd with their new material. We reckon someone should give bassist Louis a shampoo endorsement. That way everyone can appreciate his luscious locks.

Bittereinder embraced the Bewilderbeast theme by donning illuminated animal headdresses. Props to Louis Minnaar for the visual feast in the background. It was an epilepsy-inducing wonder.
At the end of their set, frontman Jaco van der Merwe gave a clue that none of the intoxicated beasts picked up on:  "Jack Parow is nie in die tronk nie".

Speaking of the jail bird, Captain Morgan busted him out of the slammer just in time for his set. We smell a sponsorship deal. One girl who still hadn't caught onto the gimmick even started crying. Oh, the drama.

Bring on day 3.

Photo: Reinhard Nell

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