Comics’ Choice Awards 2015

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15 August was a big night for South Africa’s best comedians as the fifth annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards winners were announced at the Teatro at Montecasino. The ceremony seemed more like a show as the various winners were all given five minutes to make the audience members fall out of their seats with laughter. Like the nominations, the awards were hosted by the always-funny Alan Committie, who had plenty to say to the rest of the comedians for delaying the start of the evening.

South African comedy’s golden boy, Trevor Noah, won two of the nine awards on offer, including the prestigious Comic of the Year award. Other winners included Schalk Bezuidenhout who walked away with the Intermediate Comic award, Khanyisa Bunu who delivered a very funny set after winning the Audience’s Choice award, and Joe Mafela, the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achiever award. A number of local celebrities such as Alex J, Derek Watts and Bryan Habana were tasked with announcing the winners. An acapella group of female singers took to the stage before each category and entertained the audience immensely.

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Once upon a song: an interview with the director

Once upon a song: an interview with the director


Once Upon A Song has been approved for assessment and reviewing for the 2016 Naledi Theatre Awards and the Achievement Awards in Arts by London’s Trinity College. What would you like to see the production achieve in this regard?
The first thing that comes to mind is experience and exposure, some recognition, and getting our names as a cast, as a show and as the director out there. It’s like a foot in the door of the industry, [and] if any of the cast, crew, the musical itself or myself can walk away with an award or even get a nomination, that would be super great and would give us the opportunity to explore and be recognised in the industry, which is very hard today.


Are there any challenges involved in being both a cast member and the director of the show?
Definitely. Originally I wasn’t going to feature in the show. It’s simply impossible to direct and act at the same time, but after castings my casting director suggested I do the role of Ravi the Guru seeing that no-one else suited the role, and it happened.

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Oppikoppi diaries 2015: day three


Morning has broken
After late night (or rather early morning) missions to the bathrooms, ending up in holes in the road, and desperately trying to find the source of all the cold air streaming into our tents, the final morning at Oppikoppi broke with a slightly breezy bang. After foraging through the remainder of our snacks for something even slightly breakfast-like, it was time to head to the stages once more to watch more stellar live acts.


The music
The interestingly named Satanic Dagga Orgy proved to be one of the highlights of the daytime line-up as they took to the stage in bright red speedos. Lunatic Wolf’s first ever live performance was impressive and they kept the crowd captivated with the various instruments used during their set.

Twin Atlantic drew a large crowd to the James Phillips stage as they performed hits such as “Oceans”, “Brothers and sisters” and “Heart and soul”. The crowd enjoyed their energy and stage presence, which made for a memorable performance.

SA music heavyweight Johnny Clegg lit up the main stage with special guest performances and made fans feel emotional and patriotic as he performed hits like “Impi”, “Great heart” and “Scatterlings of Africa”.

Karen Zoid took over as the sun set, enchanting the crowds with her iconic voice and performing a mix of new and old material. She performed various songs from her new album, Drown Out the Noise, including the track “You can show it” However, the highlight of Zoid’s set was undoubtedly when she belted out her hit song “Afrikaners is plesierig”.

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Once Upon A Song: Cinderella gets a modern twist

Once Upon A Song: Cinderella gets a modern twist


On 19 August, Nicho Barnard’s adaption of Once Upon A Song: The New Cinderella Musical opened at the Roodepoort Theatre. The opening night had roughly 60 audience members in attendance. The show tells the story of a talented teenager who is bullied by her stepfamily after the death of her father. The story was originally made into a film in 2011 by Damon Santostefano and formed part of the A Cinderella Story series.

The show was challenging to follow at times as it seemed as if it was under rehearsed. The cast seemed disinterested in their own performances, which lead to a meek response from the audience. It seemed as if some of the actors had never acted before. The director also chose to make the performers lip-synch some of the songs instead of singing themselves, which ended up being messy because the music and the performers were out of synch on several occasions.

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Oppikoppi Diaries 2015: day two


The rude awakening
It is widely known that Oppi is a tough festival that requires attendees to have a thick skin. Too bad you’re more than likely to wake up on day two with a second skin … of dust.

Wet-wipe baths were had and hangovers were nursed, and so the prawns made their way to the dustbowl to enjoy another day of music and debauchery. 


The music
SA punk royalty Tweak got back together and kicked off their 10-year anniversary tour. They played old favourites such as “Birthday card” to a nostalgic crowd, as well as covers of Green Day’s “Basket case” and Blink 182’s “All the small things”. The band further pleased the crowd by playing their new single “The A-team” and sent the audience into a mosh pit frenzy.

Konrad Kuechenmeister, from Berlin, entertained with by looping exceptional beatboxing. He also introduced a rapper friend from the US whose freestyling kept the crowd on their feet. He even worked the crowd’s singing into his track, which made for an innovative performance.

Nonku Phiri captivated the crowd with her original music, and her contemporary stage dancers made for a unique set. AKA delivered an explosive performance that more than measured up to international standards. He charmed the crowd with his stage presence and left them chanting for more.

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