Fly your freak flag at GeekFest 2016


Not everyone enjoys loud concerts and done-to-death expos with nothing innovative to offer. If you’re looking for some pre-exam relaxation of a more alternative kind, perhaps GeekFest is the event for you.

GeekFest is a two-day festival for “geeks”, according to the event’s organisers, Dark Carnival. The festival will take place on 7-8 May at Inanda Country Base in Kyalami.

“Fight a Knight” is one of the activities on offer at the festival. Festivalgoers get to dress up as a knight and fight against a foe supplied by the festival who is not allowed to hit back.

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A festival like no other: Mieliepop in retrospect


Tucked away in a valley near Lothair, Mpumalanga, you will find the most beautiful festival venue. Once a year, Tolderia resort opens its grounds to festivalgoers, musicians and a good atmosphere to host Mieliepop. Often compared to Oppikoppi, what Mieliepop Festival lacks in international acts it makes up for in everything else. Hot showers, clean bathrooms, three stages, great food, and a unique location definitely put it high in the ranks of South African music festivals.

There hasn’t been a Mieliepop since 2014 since they moved the date from the usual October last year to March this year. This was done to allow more students to attend as well as to allow the construction of permanent showers and bathrooms. The festival is split into two by a river, with general camping on one side and the rest of the festival on the other. A ferry takes attendees up along the river and into the bigger dam for a tour on constant back and forth trips. The festival also hosted yoga sessions, a mountain biking competition, a swimming pool, and the freedom to explore the massive natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, caves, rivers and forests. The three stages consisted of the Main stage, the Rave Cave, and the Willow stage.

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Sleeping Beauty: release your inner child


Writer and director Janice Honeyman is no stranger to the theatre. Every year, Honeyman’s renowned pantomimes attract scores of starry-eyed audience members to theatres, and this year’s Sleeping Beauty pantomime is no different.

With a star-studded cast, canny dialogue, beautiful costumes and expert choreography, Sleeping Beauty is a witty, enchanting production. As is the case with all of Honeyman’s pantomimes, it certainly isn’t just for children.

The production’s musical performances are fresh and uplifting, and includes songs like Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown funk” and “Watch me (whip/nae nae)” by Silentó. The cast all deliver excellent performances, with each actor well fit for their respective role. With singer Timothy Moloi as Sir Poensface Ponce-a-Lot, Top Billing presenter Christopher Jaftha as Prince Harry Hunkador the Handsome, and theatre and screen legend Tobie Cronjé reprising the role of Dame Nora Nursey, humour runs high in this fun-filled production.

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Mystery Ghost Bus launches new Irene tour

Illusionist and parapsychologist Mark Rose-Christie has been thrilling South African mystery-seekers since 2001 with his Mystery Ghost Bus tours, which are based on the original London Ghost Bus tours.
On Saturday 20 February, tour-goers were given the opportunity by Rose-Christie and associates to enter the Smuts House Museum, known as “one of the country’s most well-documented haunted houses”, according to Rose-Christie and his team. This tour marked a brand new Pretoria route for the Mystery Ghost Bus, which also includes two (much-needed) pub stops, and has been nominated for an international Luxury Travel Guide award.
As the tour begins, you will be led through some of the rooms in the Smuts House Museum. Some background, a few ghost stories and a jump-scare or two later, and you’ll make your way to the tour bus where the fun really begins. The bus stops at many famously haunted locations, such as Erasmus Castle, the Palace of Justice and Melrose House.

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Chills and thrills with tons of frills at Arcade Empire’s 2015 Halloween


Among the ghouls and goblins, zombies and goths, skeletons and abnormally buff fairies in attendance at Arcade Empire’s Halloween 2015 party on 31 October, some first-rate rocking was going on. On no less than four stages, but no more than three at a time, the dolled-up and rigged-out bands thrashed away on guitars and belted into microphones, while the especially diverse crowds sprang about, singing along, many of them savouring the few hours’ freedom from the compulsory biannual exam stress.

Bands dressed up for the event, but the real delights of disguise were to be found in the audience. Among the colourful crowd, one could appreciate a few inventive, painstaking, and daring specimens. There were a few well made-up Jokers, spookily close in appearance to Heath Ledger, a few “celebrity” guests, such as Lenny Kravitz and Olivia Newton-John, and a surprisingly large number of men dressed as women. There were also a number of film and television characters in attendance, including the Flintstones, Indiana Jones, and all the inevitable Batmen, and one inspiringly lionhearted individual – who caused quite a stir on his stroll past family restaurants in the adjacent Grove Mall – in his bright green Borat-inspired mankini, and nothing else.

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