Garagista Beer Co. ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival


Small craft brewers are invited to showcase their craft beers at the Capital Craft Beer Festival. Garagista Beer Co. is a craft beer brewery from Western Cape with a quirky anti-hipster campaign.


What can we expect from Garagista Beer Co. at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?

You can expect our usual blend of unpretentiousness, banter, and quirky beers. But we’re unveiling something different called “Sainted sock” at the Festival, so keep an eye out for it and give it a try.

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MTV Movie Awards make a statement


On 7 May the annual MTV movie and television awards took place in California. The show reinvented itself by making a pronounced social statement. MTV dropped gender qualifications from their acting categories. This meant that actors like Emilia Clark went up against actors such as Donald Glover for Best Actor in a show.

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Let your inner geek out with these conventions in 2017


Each year has a lot of fun and exciting concerts and events to attend, but what if you are more of a nerd than a music enthusiast?

GeekFest is an annual convention that emphasises cosplay, live action role-playing (LARP), table-top gaming, and other interesting activities. The event usually takes place in April or May. The venue changes, but it usually has a lot of outdoor space capable of accommodating a large crowd and the number of interesting events and attractions on offer. If you are into cosplaying, role-playing as different characters, or running away from a zombie horde, then GeekFest is an event you defintely need to attend.

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Republic of Mieliepop 2017 wrap-up


The Republic of Mieliepop music festival was held in Lothair, Mpumalanga, from 17 to 20 March. As a family-friendly festival, all were welcome and enjoyed the 60 music acts and various comedians. This festival catered for an impressively wide spectrum of music tastes, with five stages accommodating the numerous styles, and two of the five stages running throughout the entire day. Main Stage was used for the bigger acts, as well as the indie and folk acts, while Willow Tree Stage was for almost all tastes, ranging from metal bands like Boargazm to rock bands, such as The Dandies and even the reggae band Tidal Waves. The Cool in the Pool stage was only used from 11:00 to approximately 15:00 to keep people moving and entertained while enjoying the day by the poolside. The Rave Cave and Bar Floor both only ran in the evenings, focusing predominantly on the various subgenres of electronic music.

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Superbalist In the City rock Joburg

The first week of October 2016 played host to yet another annual In the City, this year sponsored by Superbalist. The three day event took place all over Johannesburg and included local and international acts, many of which featured at the 2016 Rocking the Daisies. The final event of the three day line-up was the daytime concert in the park.

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