Nottingham Road Brewing Company on Capital Craft Beer Festival

Nottingham Road Brewing Company is one of the oldest craft breweries in Kwa-Zulu Natal, having opened in 1996. This independent brewery is situated in the Midlands Meander.

Part of the mission for the festival is to educate people about the brewing process. What little fact about beer brewing do you think most people don’t know?

Most folks aren’t aware of how important yeast is in the brewing process, as the creator of flavour, alcohol, and CO2 in the final beer. Also that it is a living organism that requires careful looking after!

What can we expect from Nottingham Road Brewing Company at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?

Our classic line-up of Tiddly Toad Premium Lager, Whistling Weasel Pale Ale, Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner, Pickled Pig Porter and the Tipsy Tiger IPA (recently amended to a SERIOUS IPA!). We will then have our new beers: Wobbling Wombat Summer Ale; Swinging Samango Mango Ale; Pickled Pig Cappuccino Porter (made with freshly brewed espresso); and our brand new Fiery Fox Irish Red Ale.

What sets Nottingham Road Brewing Company apart from the other 35 brewers taking part at Capital Craft Beer Festival this year?

We are the oldest craft brewery in KZN, but we have kept our heads above water with new
innovations, marketing, branding and beers. We will also have our 4-ton refrigerated Pig Rig truck with taps at Capital Craft that is always a highlight at beer festivals!

What is the most important thing about a beer?

The flavour, aroma and delight of a recipe is always a draw card, but the most important thing has to be that it tastes good, drinks well and requires a second or third pint – that’s the sign of a quality beer!

How will Nottingham Road Brewing Company be preparing for the festival?

Besides pushing hard through social media and locally at the brewery, we are busy brewing fresh, delicious batches of all the beers to be had on the day.

Finish this sentence: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a beer a day…

....makes a day that much better!


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