Legends Brewery ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017

Legends Brewery ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017


Legends Brewery is a quirky craft brewery based in Pretoria with a taste for adventure and unusual flavours. This brewery’s passion for beer is evident in their dedication to quality and consistency.


Part of the mission for the festival is to educate people about the brewing process. What little fact about beer brewing do you think most people don't know?

Brewers used to check the temperature of their brew by dipping their thumb in it (this was before the invention of the thermometer), to establish whether it's ready for adding yeast. This is where we get the phrase "The Rule of the Thumb". We can neither confirm nor deny that this is the reason why the Legends brewer can often be seen sucking his thumb.

What can we expect from Legends Brewery at this year’s Capital Craft Beer

Don't say you heard this from us but rumour has it that we will be launching our brand new Cookies and Cream Ale at the Festival. (If anyone phones us to confirm this we will deny it, off course).

What sets Legends Brewery apart from the other 35 brewers taking part at Capital Craft Beer Festival this year?
You mean apart from our ruggishly good looks and world renowned collection bottle openers? Legend has it that we once got our memories erased through hypnosis just to experience drinking our first Legends beer again. We dare any of the other 35 brewers to show that kind of love to their craft.

What is the most important thing about a beer?
Beer is a drink fit for royalty and all occasions. But don't take our word for it. The legendary bard, Shakespeare, wrote in A Winter's Tale: "For a quart of ale is a dish for a king".

How will Legends Brewery be preparing for the festival?
More of the same really; maintain our daily regiment of 1000 sit-ups, 500 push-ups, Legends beer for breakfast and a lot of thumb sucking .....

Finish this sentence: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a beer a day…

…and you are well on your way to becoming a legend. #LegendsDrinkLegends


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