Garagista Beer Co. ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival


Small craft brewers are invited to showcase their craft beers at the Capital Craft Beer Festival. Garagista Beer Co. is a craft beer brewery from Western Cape with a quirky anti-hipster campaign.


What can we expect from Garagista Beer Co. at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?

You can expect our usual blend of unpretentiousness, banter, and quirky beers. But we’re unveiling something different called “Sainted sock” at the Festival, so keep an eye out for it and give it a try.


What sets Garagista Beer Co. apart from the other 35 brewers at the festival this year?

Our philosophy and our attitude. We’re serious about brewing great beer, but not serious about beer itself. We really can’t abide pretentious beer-geekiness so you’re not going to find furrowed brows, pinkies in the air, and monologues about yeast management at Garagista – just good beer and people having good times and a lot of laughs.


What is the most important thing about a beer?

Beer has to be “sessionable”, you have to finish one and want another one. If you have to chew through one beer and can’t order another you haven’t had a beer, you’ve had an ego trip in a glass.


Finish this sentence: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a beer a day…

Is five beers too few?


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