Let your inner geek out with these conventions in 2017


Each year has a lot of fun and exciting concerts and events to attend, but what if you are more of a nerd than a music enthusiast?

GeekFest is an annual convention that emphasises cosplay, live action role-playing (LARP), table-top gaming, and other interesting activities. The event usually takes place in April or May. The venue changes, but it usually has a lot of outdoor space capable of accommodating a large crowd and the number of interesting events and attractions on offer. If you are into cosplaying, role-playing as different characters, or running away from a zombie horde, then GeekFest is an event you defintely need to attend.


Icon is a comic and games convention that takes place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg every year. It is South Africa’s longest running gaming and comics convention and is marketed to everyone, from “hardcore geeks” to people who are just a little “geek curious”. Expect to find events such as cosplay competitions, table-top gaming, and vendors where you can buy goodies and souvenirs.

rAge Expo is the largest gaming convention in South Africa, with about 35 000 visitors each year. International publishers and developers attend the convention to show off their upcoming games and devices. In addition to the games, there are a number of technology vendors such as Matrix Warehouse to sell you the best in gaming hardware. If you are an art enthusiast, there is a whole section for artists selling their artworks, comics and unique items. Cosplay also features at rAge with a cosplay competition taking place each year.


 Photo: Ciske Van den Heever


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