Applied photographic inspiration: how it works



Renowned photographer and founder of the Johnathan Andrews Academy, Johnathan Andrews, released his new book Classic Passion [(a+b)... at Skoobs book shop at Montecasino on 21 January.
Classic Passion showcases some of Andrews’s photography, as well as an explanation of his theory for the secret to taking the perfect snap. The focus of his work in the book is classical music, so it is fitting that his book was released ahead of the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival.
The book discusses some of the techniques around his theory of APIS (Applied Photographic Inspiration), which involves the merging of music and emotion to help create perfect photographs. Andrews has been working on the theory for some years and wanted to put it simply. “I put [the theory] together to allow me to really understand what the motions are that I go through when I create, and when I dream up creative images, but also so that I can have something that I could work with again and again in a disciplined fashion to arrive at a similar point and to go through a similar creative process and to arrive at whatever destination,” he says. Conceptualising the theory also helps explain to his students and others what to look out for when approaching photography.
With a passion for classical music and art, Andrews was excited at the opportunity to get involved in the Mozart Festival. “I have been involved with photography with the festival for a number of years now, and I was going to some of the concerts and rehearsals [to] take pictures. [So] at the end of last year, I sent Richard Cock (Classic FM) an email and I asked him [if he] would like me to get involved in next year’s Mozart Festival. And little did he know that when he said yes he was bringing something interesting on himself, and this is what we have now.


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