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Ricardo Teixeira

Perdeby met up with Georgetown ahead of Mieliepop.

Georgetown was formed in 2014, but how did you all get together and decide on making your beautiful music?
By stroke of luck, destiny, life, perseverance and the grapevine. We all met and developed a love for a genre of music we still struggle to categorize. 


With your debut album just having been launched, how does it feel to have a first product to deliver to your fans?
We released an EP in 2016 called Banana Jack, it was our first studio project and really nice, like a cup [of] tea. But when a band invests the time, soul and hardship to record a full album it’s a rewarding milestone you treasured for life. The Dog Show came out exactly as we envisioned. It feels great.


What was the inspiration for the album?
It’s inspired by dreams, fear, love and chaos. We like to call it a dog show


Having already performed quite a few shows in 2018, and having bookings all the way through to the end of April, what shows are you looking forward to?
We’ve got a lot of gigs lined up. Some of them are festivals, some are events, some are weddings, some are gonna be [***], some great. Looking forward to all of them, because it’s great to have gigs.


What are you looking forward to most at Mieliepop?
We’re looking forward to some fresh air, good vibes and of course the brilliant local line-up that makes this festival a bucket list must!


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