Invizable heads to Mieliepop

Claudine Noppe

The Republic of Mieliepop festival is around the corner. Perdeby asked DJ Invizable some questions about Mieliepop before he heads to Lothair.


What makes playing a festival like Mieliepop different than other performances?
The opportunity to perform at such a prestigious festival with such an amazing list of fellow artists and at such an amazing location is an honour and a privilege. It is a responsibility to hold up South Africa’s multicultural identity with pride and professionalism.


What can fans expect from your Mieliepop performance?
To gooi mielies at full frequency with the acclaimed Dubmasta on the percussion and vocals. Our aim is to shake the hips and stomp the feet of the Mieliepoppers and to make a lasting impression on their ears and eyes.


Your new single, “iThongo Lam”, has been doing extremely well. What are you working on now?
There is a full album in the pipeline with two more singles which will be released during the course of 2018. The project is taking a diverse approach to content with a comic book and animation video currently in production.


When working on new music, do you take your fans into consideration or do you make music for yourself?
When creating music I am always thinking about the audience. When creating new work I pay careful consideration to what is the message behind the music and ensure  that it embraces the concepts of positivity, unity, acceptance and respect, so that when I perform there is a positive impression left by the sounds and sights of the show, to help shift the consciousness of the audience into these realms.


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