2Lani the Warrior ahead of Mieliepop




2Lani the Warrior has been on the South African music scene since 1997. This year the 2Lani will head to the Republic of Mieliepop to entice the crowds with his trademark ‘sweet’ house style and unique mixing style.

How do you keep the crowd engaged when playing a show?

By observing, listening and sensing.  I observe the movement of the crowd, I listen to their reaction when I play certain tracks and I sense the atmosphere and environment that we are all in.  I then use this to guide me in the direction that I should be going.  I always try to make each of my performances become an educational journey where new sounds are experienced. 

What is your favorite thing about playing at a festival like Mieliepop?

Festivals like Mielipop focus on the discovery of new music and sounds, which is what I try to share with my followers.  I also enjoy the atmosphere and playing in nature - it makes the experience more free.


You have stated that “SA is still only gaining an understanding of deep house”. Why did you choose this genre?

It’s the genre that I feel most connected to.  Deephouse music talks to me on another level which allows for me to express my unique self.

What has been your favourite performance in your career?

Playing for the Boiler Room has to be on top of list.  But I also love playing overseas.

The Mieliepop festival includes a yoga element.  Will you be joining a yoga class or two?

I have been told I am quite flexible.  Maybe this is the time to test it... 

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