Five minutes with Julia Robert

Claudine Noppe

The Republic of Mieliepop festival is around the corner and the Cape Town based band Julia Robert is ready to head to Lothair for the serene four day festival. Perdeby spent five minutes with the band to ask them the important questions, about Mieliepop, their future plans and of course Julia Roberts, because you cannot interview a band named Julia Robert without bringing up the Pretty Women star.


What are you most looking forward to at Mieliepop?
Taking long hot showers (it’s been months) going on tour with our besties and of course, introducing the beautiful people of the north to Julia!


You have played at a myriad of venues, which has been your favorite?
It’d have to be where we played our first ever show. It was a Halloween party at a friend’s house on top of a hill. The crowd almost broke the floor in the living room during the performance, it was wild. On that night everyone fell in love with everyone, and it was as close to perfect as anything should get.


What can festival goers expect from your Mieliepop per­formance?
Glitter. Glam. Poorly applied makeup. Expertly applied sequins. Loud and fast AF music with girls on drums and boys on guitars.


Do you have anything new and exciting in the pipeline?
Heck yeah! Our first full length album is in the works. It’s coming out on mother trucking vinyl yo!


What do you think Julia Roberts would say if she knew there was a band out there that was using her name?
At first, after hearing about us, she’d say nothing. Instead, she’d take a long thoughtful drag of a cigarette and would briefly think about the best days of her youth while absent ­mindedly petting her King Charles Spaniel. Then, while exhaling a thick plume, she’d quietly say to her assistant,

“Get Chicago on the phone. We need to deal with these punks.”

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