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If you are tired of reading textbooks all day and find yourself bored to death with your English reading list assigned by your lecturer, you may be looking for some books more applicable to your situation as a student. Business, personal-development and motivational books may be what you are looking for. As students, we often lack motivation, and we all have people we admire and aspire to be like. The following books are filled with motivation and wisdom from some great and successful people. They are all readily available at several bookstores and online retailers.


90 Rules for Entrepreneurs

South African entrepreneur Marnus Broodryk wrote this rule book for ambitious entrepreneurs, but not in the conventional “rule book” sense. Broodryk states that people often believe entrepre­neurship is about breaking rules, and this might be true, but some rules should be followed in order for your endeavours to survive. Based on the experiences of the author and advice from other suc­cessful South African entrepreneurs such as Gil Ovad, founder of The Creative Council, and Ryk Neethling, “90 Rules for Entre­preneurs” is intended to be a guide book to being successful and happy.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

A motivational book by author Mark Manson who states he “writes personal-development advice that doesn’t suck”. Manson breaks the traditional idea of pursuing something, because, it leads you to believe you do not have it to begin with. The author’s opin­ion regarding the search for happiness, it is not about caring about more, it is to care about less. Care only about what is true, impor­tant to you, and immediate. There even lies a little bit of stoicism in it, as the book mentions how it can be valuable to suffer, if it is done with purpose. It is easy to see why this book has become a best seller, and is on the Exclusive Books top 10. A definite life changing book everyone should read.


The Five Year Mark

Written by Mike Saunders, CEO of the digital marketing agency DigiLab, this book tells an honest story of the author’s use of two basic principles he learned in school to grow a company over a five year period. Keep It Simple(Stupid), in a positive manner and “Life is tough, Africa is tough, this is Africa”. The tone may sound a bit pessimistic at first, but the author reminds readers that nothing is impossible. The books covers all topics, from culture, operations, leadership and even failure, all learnt by the author himself. A must read for future business owners.


Tribe of Mentors

The fifth book by best-selling author Timothy Ferriss, is a com­pilation of advice from the best in the world. Ferriss interviews various people from world athletes to billionaire businessmen and artists. All of their insights compiled offer advice in business strategy, work life and how to be successful in your career. The book also contains 50 great morning routines to make you more productive, whether you are an early riser or not. How to practice meditation and be more mindful can also be found in this book, along with the author’s insight on how to overcome failure and bounce back.


Illustration: Sally Hartzenberg

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