1nSync 2018 round up


On 3 February the annual 1nSync concert took place in both the Aula and Amphitheatre on Hatfield Campus. Perdeby was thrilled to attend the event. If you missed out on all the residence first years battling it out to take home the honour of best 1nSync male, female or mixed res, here is a recap of the night.

The Amphitheatre event was opened byDr. Themba Mosia, Vice-Principal responsible for Student Affairs and Residence Affairs and Accommodation, who showed great gratitude for all the residence HC members.


1nSync 2018 kicked off with Groenkloof campus residence, Zinnia with the theme of “I’m an emotional creature”. Their three piece band, though small, was incredibly effective. Zinnia’s good use of props and strong feminist undertone could unfortunately not secure them a place in the top five. Boekenhout dazzled the crowds with their “Mission to Mars” theme and hilarious skits in between songs. The crowd got to their feet as the Ysters performed “Waka Waka” ending it with a powerful “This is Boekenhout”. After not placing at the 2017 1nSync, Boekenhout redeemed themselves with a well-deserved third place for the men’s reses. Inka showed a lot of pride in their performance. A stand out moment was how well they performed “Freedom” by Pharell Williams. Their theme was “Geeks gone wild”. Kollege showed up in their traditional Toga’s and gave the crowd exactly what we have come to expect from them: An enjoyable and care-free experience. Their unique way of changing the lyrics to well-known songs to fit in with their theme of “A Tuks History Lesson” made them an interesting group to watch. They stirred up a little controversy with their “So Serrie can wait” rendition.

Magrietjie placed third for ladies residences with their “Mags Boot Camp” theme after not placing last year. Their interesting band contained a clarinet and violin. The ladies in pink were well-rehearsed and perfectly synchronized. Drageana had an amazing band and interesting formation changes. The recently renamed day house went with a theme of “Sons of Thunder”. Their volume was inconsistent, but their attempt at lifts kept the crowd enticed. The defending champions, Nerina, had a vibrant performance with the theme of “Rio: Birds of a feather”. Their quirky use of the red, green and yellow feather boa’s to simulate wings really enhanced the theme. They also performed songs from the animation Rio. Even though they were loud and energetic throughout the performance the tempo seemed to slow at times. Nerina secured second place for ladies reses. The men from Taaibos had an electric entrance singing “Oh Mickey you’re so fine” at the top of their lungs. The energy seemed to drop as there were long pauses in between songs with dialogue that was lacking.

The female Med campus res, Curlitzia, stayed true to themselves and chose the theme of “Nights in the ER”. All of their songs fit the theme perfectly and their passionate “Bleeding Out” serenade really captured the hearts of the audience. They were followed by the male Prinshof residence, Olympus, with the theme of “Footloose”. Unfortunately their song choices did not completely reflect their theme. The Kuikens were at times inaudible but really conveyed their spirit and excitement. The band played brilliantly during their “Bulletproof” serenade where one Kuiken showed off his amazing vocal range. In contrast with the small group of Kuikens, it seemed like Tuks Naledi brought the entire student body. Their massive group filled the Amphi’s stage from corner to corner. Tuks Naledi’s enthusiastic performance of “Sister Batina” was one of the most memorable performances of the night. The 2018 1nSync female res winners, Erika, made a strong impression from the get go. “Witches in summer school” is a very unique theme which allowed for a lot of fun. The performance was funny, energetic and diverse. They received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Maroela took home second place for the mens reses with their social commentary on transformation. Their “Transformers” theme was playfully double sided. The performance had incredible lifts, good use of props and an emotional rendition of “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. There was even some eye candy in the front row for the ladies. Jasmyn definitely brought the heat with their exciting moves and formations. Their songs also collaborated well with their theme of “Here comes the heat”.

Luminous’s cute “Adventure Time” theme kept the crowd entertained at all times. This mixed res proved that a lot can be achieved in small numbers. The 15 person group took home second place for mixed reses. Fierce and fiery Knolle took the stage in boxer shorts and war paint as they fully embodied the theme of “Madelief Knock Out”. The Madelief ladies stood out with their diverse set list ranging from Jack Parow’s “Party” to Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE”. The strong performance secured fifth place for Madelief. This comes as a great achievement as the res has not placed in the top five for the last few years. The men’s res from Groenkloof shocked the crowd with their dark theme of “Dangerous daydream”. Their song choices matched the theme exceptionally. They secured fifth place. Vividus Ladies were a big group with well executed moves, lifts and synchronization. Their theme was “90’s gas station jockies”. Their moves were simple but effective. The ladies did not place this year after coming in fourth place last year. The reigning men’s res champions, Mopanie, stunned the crowds once again. They were the overall winners for the night, making it the second year in a row. Mopanie’s “Gupta wedding” theme seemed appropriate amidst the current political climate. The Peppies tiptoed on the edge of what is acceptable with their impressions of President Zuma and a Gupta brother. Their strong choreography and impressive lifts received a standing ovation.

The Asterhof ladies also looked to animation films for their theme of “101 Dalmations”. They had a loud start with “Hound dog” by Elvis Presley. Their set list stayed true to the theme throughout their performance. The most unique theme of the night, “How to escape the friendzone”, was well executed by the Jarre from Olienhout. This group of first years showed the most house pride and spirit of the night. With a cool use of props and death defying lifts they were a crowd favourite. The Republic of Olienhout came in fourth of the men’s reses. Another theme that seemed to reflect current affairs was, “The evolution of female freedom” by Klaradyn. Their striking use of guns as a prop and loud ending with Beyonce’s “Who run the world” was a good portrayal of their feminist theme.

“The chimney sweepers” from Katjiepiering had an unexpected narrative which resulted in an enjoyable viewing experience. Their volume was good although the tempo slacked at times. The Groenkloof ladies in jade, Lilium, had a colourful performance filled with well executed lifts and good energy. Their “Netflix & chill” theme was poorly executed but the ladies seemed to enjoy their time on stage. For a notable third year in a row Tuks Bophelong took home the first prize for mixed residences. The small group portrayed the “Seven deadly sins”. Their energetic rendition of “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj got the crowds approval. They had strong moves that were performed in perfect harmony with the band.

This year’s 1nSync was a huge success, so much so that Stuku had to make an extra 150 tickets available because of the high demand. The event was well organised and ran ahead of schedule while res spirit seemed at a good high point to start the year off with.


Photo: Shaun Sproule


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