Secret me away: campus quiet spots


Campus life is a rush. You might start off enjoying being a part of the bustle, but once syllabus week is over and the workload kicks in you may want to find a few moments away from the hum of people introducing themselves, having communal breakdowns over their first semester tests and complaining about their roommates at the tops of their lungs. Whether you want to get away from the friends that still want to explore campus or need a quiet place to revise for that first test, here is the rundown of the places to practice being a recluse.

The 24-hour section in Merensky II Library accommodates the changeable hours of varsity students and can be found by turning left and taking the stairs when entering the library.

If the dark walls, vandalised wooden desks and aged carpets prove too unstimulating for you, the glass walls and sleek designs in the Law Library should get you seeing the picture in no time. However, if you become easily distracted by the moving figures, you may want to avoid it.

Empty lecture halls should be an easy go-to as their structures are designed to keep any interference at bay. Where might you find empty lecture halls during the day? The Humanities Building will usually easily deliver, especially the first floor, which offers amusing titbits on no longer used notice boards and strong Wi-Fi connection despite being in the basement.

For those of you who want to be around natural structures, there are plenty of lofty trees that provide abundant shade for many lawns across campus.

Firstly, in spite of being a few paces away from the ever vibrant Piazza, the area behind the EMS Admin buildings offers surprising solitude and quiet with its subtle grassy slope. It also receives optimal sunlight making it perfect to help fight the winter chill. The botanical gardens nestled behind the AE du Toit Auditorium and Annexe may be hard to find but can prove to be a little haven on campus. Complete with a Japanese oriental bridge and a koi pond, its tranquil and isolating powers may know no end.

If you find that you’ve had your fill of isolation, you can keep your misanthropic soul company with a rich filter coffee in the shadowed corners of Coffee Buzz Café in the Student Centre.

Explore these places on your own terms and make your way to peak loner capacity.


Illustration: Sally Hartzenberg

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