Residence activities to look out for: For a student life that is more than just academics


Being a student is about so much more than simply getting a degree. It is about developing yourself, meeting people form every walk of life and about learning to adapt beyond societal norms. Residence activities, although a lot of fun, advocate this growth and development. So, if this comprehensive list sparks an interest and you are not in a residence, go join a day house to avoid any #FOMO.



Tuks RAG (Reach out and give) is a student-driven, non-profitable fundraising and community service organisation. Marinus van Sandwyk, Dregeana RAG Committee Head for 2018, noted on the importance of RAG as it “provides students with the opportunity to give back to society and make new friends along the way”. Each residence has a RAG HC member with a sub-committee dedicated to facilitate outreaches and community engagement activities for the residence to participate in. This is especially amplified throughout RAG week in Febru­ary. Different male and female residences are also partnered together each year, not only to combine forces, but also to stimulate inter-res relationships with fun socials.



Serrie is the biggest cultural event on UP’s calender. It is a competition between the residences that involves singing and synchronised dancing. Anyone can take part in Serrie, regard­less of singing ability or rhythm. In fact, large numbers are encouraged as it creates a stronger presence on stage. Ruzaan Beneke, the Katjiepiering External Culture HC for 2018, had the following to say about the event, “Serrie highlights diversity and multiculturalism in our residences as we learn more songs and moves from various cultures. Furthermore, it creates an environment in which we can grow and make memories together as a residence family.”


Insync is the baby brother of Serrie. Just like Serrie, it is a singing a dancing competition between residences, but it is exclusively for the first years and takes places in February right before the commencement of the academic year. Sonica van Zyl, a 2017 Klaradyn Welpie, described her experience as truly memorable, “because we suffered together as a group in preparation for the night. It was all blood, sweat and smiles”.


UP A Capella

UP A Capella is an annual singing competition between the different residences of UP. Every residence selects their 20 best singers in the hopes that they will survive the prelims and semi-finals, and then will be crowned victorious at the finals. They have to decide upon a theme, choose appropriate songs to tell a story and dress accordingly. Johan Potgieter, the Olympus Serenade HC for 2018, high­lights the value of UP A Capella by stating that it creates a platform where students from various cultures can unite by learning about the different styles of music of these cultures.


Nothing but Vernac

Express Yourself in Nothing but Vernac is a cultural showcase where students can show their pride by performing, whether it a mono­logue, short play or a song, in the indigenous languages of South Africa. Residences also set up stalls to display original visual art works and literature pieces.



In April all UP Student Houses (Residences, Faculty Houses and Societies) have the opportunity to participate and debate a variety of motions in the TUKS Debate Tournament.


House Week

Every residence hosts a House Week somewhere early in the second semester. The week includes socials, games and other fun events to promote residence pride. It often concludes with the residence’s Dine, a formal dress event each residence hosts as a celebration of the triumphs and successes of the year.


Image: Sally Hartzenberg

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