A food lover’s guide to Pretoria


The Jacaranda City is a melting pot of different cuisines, hipster hot spots and hidden gems. Perdeby decided to summarize the essentials for everyone from food novices to those with a pallet that would make even the best chef’s jealous. Here is your three part guide on thoroughly enjoying all that Pretoria has to offer.


Part One: Cheap take-aways

It is no secret that students live on a tight budget and need to visit those places that offer the most bang for their buck. Kung Fu Kitchen, located on Hilda Street, is the first place that comes to mind. From sushi platters to a classic favourite Pad Thai (fried noodles), Kung Fu Kitchen offers it all at reasonable prices and large portions. For the perfect, budget friendly movie-night food, Roman’s Pizza in Hatfield is conveniently located on Burnett Street. To stay informed about their amazing specials (like R189.90 for two large pizzas, a two litre Coke and six Ola Ice Creams) frequently check their website and plan your binge-watching according­ly.

Uncle Faouzi’s will always be there for those all-nighters that students have to pull way too often. This fast food restaurant is open 24 hours, and it is within walking distance from the University. Take a much-needed study break and try their amazing burger and fries. All the food at Uncle Faouzi’s is Halaal.


Part Two: Quirky cafés

If, like most 20 something year olds, you crave coffee and free wifi, + 27 Café is for you. Their fun architecture and beautiful landscaping tends to calm the soul. The café is quite hidden in the far corner of South and Duncan. Do not let the small shop front fool you, they have more than enough space in the back. Insider’s tip: visit them after 16:00 for half priced cake.

Chocolate et Café seems to be Pretoria’s best kept secret, nuzzled in between Culture Club and Alfie’s on 16th Street, Hazelwood. The tree covered seating area and the shabby chique style creates a European atmosphere. Choco­late et Café is a bit pricy, but still affordable. Their coffee in a cone is bucket list worthy and an added bonus, the concoc­tion is very Instagram-able. The medical students need not fret as Perdeby found Pure Café located near the Prinshof Campus. Situated in Colbyn Court on Thompson Street, this café serves up delicious coffee and a wide range of fragrant, loose-leaf teas. Grab a spot in the shade and enjoy a coffee and maybe even a freshly baked muffin.


Part three: Budget blowing restaurants for foodies

Kream in Brooklyn is a fine dining establishment with rave reviews. Patrons of this restaurant compliment the well-ed­ucated staff and the elegant atmosphere. Their current menu has an incredible variety of dishes including gourmet sushi. If you are in the mood to let your taste buds experience something new, the dim sum at Koi in Menlyn Maine should be on your list of places to go. All the food at Koi is to die for, but you will go back for the dim sum. With flavours such as prawn and shiitake mushroom, the little pillows of goodness will have you singing their praise. For the very adventurous, try their lemongrass brulee with palm sugar crust.

Life Grand Café will satisfy all your brunch cravings with their selection of egg dishes, breakfast bowls and sweet treats. Avocado lovers everywhere will rejoice with Life Grand Café’s avocado bowl featuring a trio of tomatoes and healthy rye bread crisps.


Illustration: Rhodeen Davies

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