Life after Game of Thrones: Knees were bent, debts were paid. What now?

Life after Game of Thrones: Knees were bent, debts were paid. What now?

Discretion is advised: the following article may contain spoilers


Most people have found themselves at a loss since the conclusion of the seventh season of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. So as a necessary public service, Perdeby decided to gently guide its readers back to reality.

The fewer episodes in season seven, in comparison to past seasons, still managed to pack in epic spectacles and even an Ed Sheeran cameo.

One method of dealing with GoT withdrawal symptoms is to indulge in the many theories the internet has to offer regarding the show. One of these theories entertains the notion that the entire series is a metaphor for global warming, while another speculates that GoT is set in the future world of Lord of the Rings. A more plausible and increasingly popular theory is that Bran, who has the ability to reach into the past, was the voice that inspired the Mad King’s insanity and his command to “burn them all”.

George R. R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the books on which GoT is based, once remarked that he intends for his story to conclude with a “bittersweet” finale. This sparked, among others, the theory that Jon Snow will become the next Night King. According to fan theories, Jon will sacrifice himself to kill the Night King and stop the attack on the living. However, true to form, Jon Snow will not die. He will rather become a semi-White Walker and rule the Walkers as the new Night King. As long as he does not fully convert into a Walker, he would be able to protect the people of Westeros by turning the advance of the Walkers around.

Another way to combat the anxiety caused by season seven’s finale, is to binge on other series. The Last Kingdom has similar themes to that of GoT and Netflix’s The Crown, winner for Best Television Drama Series at the Golden Globes this year, makes this royal drama a must watch. Westworld has also proven to be a favourite for GoT fans. If you find yourself missing GoT’s Kahl Drogo, you can catch Jason Momoa in Frontier. If you are in the mood for something fresh, season seven of American Horror Story has just kicked off, and with the season titled Cult, it promises to be one of the most exciting AHS seasons yet.

However, if the GoT hiatus is simply too much to bear and nothing else will suffice, do not fret or fear. To nurse your longing for the fantastical world of Westeros, HBO is airing a whole new behind-the-scenes series. The Game Revealed will give viewers an in-depth look at the season that just ended.


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