5 minutes with drummer Jason Oosthuizen


Master drummer, Jason Oosthuizen, has been playing drums since 1991 and has played with bands such as One Day Remains and Van Coke Kartel. He is currently the drummer  for the rock band Black Cat Bones which is heading to the third annual Blood Brothers event at The GoodLuck Bar. This event features ten of South Africa’s local rock legends united as one in the battle against cancer, in support of the Vrede Foundation.

Why did you choose to play the drums?

I started playing at four years old due to my dad being a drummer and growing up on stage.


How is playing for Black Cat Bones different to playing with Van Coke Kartel and One Day Remains?

One Day Remains was a learning-as-you-go process, as I was 19 at the time and trying to run a band that [had] just [been] signed and had a theme song for SuperSport Tri Nations, [while] Van Coke was just a very [...] well-oiled machine. The Bones is a brotherhood where nothing gets in the way of having a good time and [we are] not [...] too stressed about the business side of things. In other words it’s not [about] numbers [...] but [about having] a good time.


The Blood Brothers event is for charity. What makes playing for charity special?

It’s always great to give something back when the industry keeps you around year in and year out. However, it’s hard sometimes to decide on one charity only. My dad recently had cancer and there are so many suffering from cancer that it was a no brainer getting involved in this.


What does the Vrede Foundation mean to you?

I think it is an amazing organization [...] for the reason that it focusses on young people. I can only imagine how hard it must be to go through the life threatening situation these people do.... [Knowing that] there is an organization who they can reach out to is great. It also hits close to home losing friends to cancer, so I fully support this initiative.


Do you think it is important for more South African icons to be involved in events for charity?

I definitely do. Celebrities and public figures are followed by so many people.... These icons choosing to get involved in charities [...] encourages anyone from your average Joe to [...] large companies to share in this movement


Image provided: Andre Badenhorst

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