Knowing Me, Knowing You


On Thursday 10 August the Rockwood Theatre had its official media opening of Knowing Me, Knowing You. The show exhibited a collection of hit songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The Rockwood Theatre, formerly known as the Pretoria Barnyard Theatre, is newly furnished and offers a beautiful fusion between rustic and contemporary styles. In the actual theatre the seating arrangement consists of tables facing the stage, creating a relaxed and friendly space by allowing people to socialise and order delicious food and drinks during the performance. However, the Rockwood Theatre has more to boast than just its revamped venue.

As promised, Knowing Me, Knowing You takes you on a vibrant journey through the past. There were five singers, each with their own unique tone which gave a refreshing feeling to the well-known hits. The musicians also offered a plethora of talent which was highlighted when they performed solos. The most memorable of these instrumental solos was an acoustic piece performed by the lead guitarist. The night also included short interludes of comedy that allowed for seamless transition between songs and created a jovial feel. Although the night was a tribute to rock, pop and folk songs of the past, there were a few modern songs that did not quite fit. These included songs by artists such as Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding and Maroon 5. Inspite of their incongruity, these songs were among the best executed. Other well-executed songs included “River deep, Mountain high”, “I got you babe”, “Dance with somebody”, “How do you do!” and of course “Knowing me, knowing you.” A South African flair was added when a few Afrikaans and Mango Groove songs were performed. Even though some songs were not met with the same energy as others, by the end of the night the atmosphere was as lively as ever, which resulted in almost all of the audience dancing. Overall, Knowing Me, Knowing You offers a thoroughly enjoyable evening and is appropriate for family and friends. Knowing Me, Knowing You will be showing on every week from Thursday to Sunday until 1 October.


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