Loyiso Tyobeka’s Autumn empire


The word “autumn” may just mean a season to most, but for 21-year-old Loyiso Tyobeka it’s an empire. Loyiso Tyobeka, who is the owner of Autumn 95, started his own videography company in 2014. At first it was just a hobby between friends who shared a love for music, but after a while Loyiso’s passion for film-making grew into something much bigger. In February 2017, Loyiso took control of the company with the aim to rebrand the notion of film-making for young directors everywhere. His inspiration for film-making was sparked by his desire for creativity and innovation.

When asked about how he came up with the name Autumn 95 he said, “Apart for my love for the season, I love the fact that in autumn the leaves fall from the trees, and it allows us to interpret them as they fall on the ground. It gives people an opportunity to see the true beauty in things, raw and unscripted. And that’s what I want to reflect in my work. I want people to see the true beauty in the work, and to let the work speak for itself”.

Tyobeka credits his mother as his biggest motivation, and UP for making him the hardworking and driven individual that he is today. He says that being himself is the most rewarding yet difficult thing to do. He says, “I always try to be myself and put a little bit of myself in each and every thing that I produce. I want to do things that are worth talking about”. His advice to aspiring videographers is to do what moves them because “at the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy as a person”.

For his next project, Tyobeka is setting his sights on Fashion Week. He wants to direct more videos that showcase fashion as he feels that the fashion industry is underrated.


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