In the spotlight: SA fashion industry


Over the last two decades South Africa has been performing exceptionally well in the international fashion scene. Many young designers have illuminated the market with their fusion of African aesthetics with a contemporary flare as they offer buyers a refreshing take on both casual wear and couture. So far, 2018 has definitely not disappointed with singer and television presenter Nandi Madida’s effortless break into the fashion industry.

On 10 February local celebrity Madida debuted her fashion label, Colour, at New York Fashion Week. Madida collaborated with designers Philani Lindokuhle, Kentse Masilo and Josh Patron for her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection which is set to launch worldwide on 20 March 2018.

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Inxeba (The Wound) John Trengove


After John Trengove’s Inxeba (The Wound) had its world premiere at the Sundance Festival on 22 January 2017. The film picked up a multitude of awards and even created some Oscar buzz. With its nationwide release a year later, the same film’s controversial subject matter caused local outrage that sent the cast and crew into hiding. Some cinemas in the Eastern Cape had to cancel screenings of Inxeba (The Wound) due to the protests, but the film’s producers lodged an official complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) because of this. Perdeby decided to take a look at the story behind the story.

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Fresh Prince of Maftown: Benny Cray

Dinah Ramonyai

Benny Cray is a song writer, ghost writer, a producer and overall a music philosopher. I don’t just write and perform music, music for me is a spirit”, Benny Cray talks about how his music is his way of touching people.

Hours before he drops his new single “High” at Hatfield Chisanyama on Friday 9 February, Perdeby met up with Benny Cray the self-proclaimed Fresh Prince of Maftown for the lowdown on him, his music and his future plans. Perdeby went into details about his hit tracks, how Motswako shaped him and how Pretoria continues to shape him and his music.

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Meet your writers: Achmat Dangor

Ricardo Teixeira
Renowned South African author and award-winning poet Achmat Dangor visited the University of Pretoria on 15 February to discuss his latest novel Dikeledi. It is the eleventh book from the author, and shares many themes with his most notable novel, Bitter Fruit. According to the author, the novel “tells the story of a number of young people fighting oppression, told through the minds of three women”, members of a wide-spread family during 1970s to the present; with the female characters referred to as “Dikeledi”.

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Entertainment bites 5 February 2018

Thys en Trix teaser trailer released

The Afrikaans film is set to be released on the 22nd of June. It stars Bouwer Bosch and Leandi Du Rand as police officers who are expelled after embarrassing the police service. They are then sent undercover to investigate the activities of a crime syndicate in anexculsive golf estate near Mossel Bay. The film is directed by theaward winning Quintin Krog.

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