Janie Bay ahead of the Capital Craft Beer Festival

Nthabeleng Vilakazi

The Craft Beer Festival will take place on the 16 June at the Botanical Gardens, Pretoria. Among the performers that will be gracing the stage, one of them is Janie Bay, a South African singer-songwriter who released her latest album, Miscellany, last year September. In her preparation for the event, Perdeby decided to sit down with her to find out more about her upcoming performance, upcoming projects and more.


You have done an impressive number of gigs and you’ve toured all over the country for a few years, what is your favourite part about performing live?
Even though it is a vulnerable thing to share your own music, that is by far the most ful­fulling part of performing live. Sharing your heart and art is a privilege.


As a follow up to that question, is there anything you find terrifying about perform­ing in front of a live audience?
It is kind of the same answer. As amazing and rewarding as it is, it can be scary too.


You’ll be performing at this year’s Craft Beer Festival, what should your fans expect from this particular performance?
I will be performing my songs from my latest album with a full band for the first time. This is a very special thing for me.


What else from this year’s Craft Beer Fes­tival, aside from your performance, are you excited about?
I still have a few singles coming out with music videos from my album Miscellany. I will also be writing for a new album and will [...] be doing another collab with a very awesome SA artist, another one of my dreams coming true.

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The Grind radio opens own bar and eatery

Ricardo Teixeira

A new bar is opening next door to Latino’s Bistro, on what many are referring to as “the Lynnwood strip”. The Grind bar and eatery has been born out of necessity, as The Grind radio was in search of a new home.

The Grind radio was located at Arcade Empire, and then moved their studio to Open Window with plans to expand. With the moving, founder and station director Jarryd Wood decided that The Grind radio needed a permanent setting, something they could call their own. Wood came together with a friend, Raynard, and the two decided to create a new place to host The Grind radio. In an interview with Perdeby, Wood spoke about the inspiration behind The Grind bar and eatery, “the idea was, a band comes in, does an interview, chills and has a few drinks. So that’s how it all started.”

The new studio for The Grind is in a familiar space. Moving in to the location previously occupied by Drink Inc, Wood and Raynard had the building completely redone. Filthy walls replaced with sleek black tiles and a dancefloor surrounded by graffiti of Homer Simpson and Rick Sanchez, The Grind bar and eatery is a colourful and creative space. With the studio for The Grind radio stationed beside the dancefloor, Wood hopes to bring back the social feeling of the radio station, and to create a sociable environment. “We were at Arcade, and had been at Aandklas, that setting of being in a sociable environment where you could hear guys chatting or having a shooter, that really appealed to listeners.”

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Road to Tuks FM relaunch

Dinah Ramonyai

Tuks FM, the university’s radio station in association with Budweiser, is having their brand relaunch rooftop party on the 25th of May at 012 Central on the Prinschurch rooftop.

The party will be starting at 18:00 until 01:00, featuring performances by deep house DJs DJ Loko, Abby Nurock, Leeu and Mvelo, who played at Mieliepop. The party is hosted by Summerhouse and King of communes.

TuksFM, well known for its alternative and rock and roll style, is working towards a relaunch of its brand. From April, the radio station has undergone full format changes, including the launch of an all new programme line up which aims to cement the radio station’s new emphasis on being “for the youth by the youth”. These programme changes have already started on the 1st of May. The new programme features Hip Hop Nights, a whole hour at 18:00 on Wednesday evenings dedicated to the hip hop scene locally and internationally. Another one of the new segments is an hour of Locals Only on Tuesday 18:00.

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Seedtimes for changing times

Naomi-Lisa Kobbie

The university’s departments of Sociology and Visual Arts held a book launch on 9 May for Omar Badsha’s latest collection of photographs. The book is titled Seedtimes and features a collection of the photographer’s work spanning four decades. They capture Omar’s travels to Denmark and Ethiopia as well as the experiences of Apartheid South Africa. Omar said the purpose of his work was to find new ways of representing blackness as well as to remind viewers of their shared humanity.

The struggle icon was first inspired to take photographs while earning a living as a chemical worker. Omar was part of a workers trade union and wanted to document the poor working conditions as evidence. He began to take a more critical interest in his encounters and discussions with people, using photography as a means of expressing the black identity as well as inviting black communities to be critical of their own representation in white South Africa.

The works present images of black humanity, such as the hardships of overcrowded classrooms, a happy couple on their wedding day, men and women protesting and a mother with her new born baby. Curator and art historian, Tembinkosi Goniwe, panelled the event and highlighted the important role of Omar in the construction of our history. He said that these images become a way of creating an alternative narrative, one in which a people’s representation is self-determined. He reminded the audience not to marginalise Omar as only a visual producer but rather to recognise him as “a political activist in the sphere of culture.”

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Little Wolf Brewery discusses Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

Claudine Noppe

Perdeby sat down with Cape Town based brewing company, Little Wolf, to chat about the upcoming Capital Craft Beer Festival. If you are an avid beer drinker or even just interested in the artisanal beer scene, the 2018 craft beer fest will be held on 16 June at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden.


For our readers who do not know about Little Wolf, describe the brewery in five words.
Using science to create art.


What can patrons expect from you at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?
Dry and delicious ciders, including our collaboration Elderflower cider with Alpha Craft, as well as the ever-popular Hoppy Wheat.


What aspects of a beer festival keeps Little Wolf breweries coming back?
Chatting with our fans and introducing new people to our drinks. We love being able to personally interact with drinkers and shatter their preconceptions of what beers, cider and other drinks can be.

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