Grumpy McGrumpster returns

I don’t have much space this week, which is okay, I guess, as I plan to complain a bit.

I encounter a lot of marketing every day. Often it’s on Twitter, on posters and in the adverts we place in Perdeby. Nothing grates my cheese more than poor language usage in marketing. Not even people that take the elevator to the fourth floor of the HSB. Here are some prime examples from this week:

Many of the residences posted about their Serenade groups on Twitter this week, with many of these tweets praising their groups. Many of them told me that these groups “did so good tonight”. What are they? Superheroes? Because there are few ways they can “do good”. The phrase they were looking for was, “They did well.” Or, “They did super well.” Or even, “They did so very well that no group will beat them.” Stop telling me they “did good” until they own capes.

Other residences had problems with spelling. Checking your spelling in a 140 character sentence is not difficult or time consuming, guys. Especially with spell check and Google. If you were writing an essay, I’d understand. But these are just photo captions and tweets. At the very least, correct the mistake.

Lastly, we have the SRC candidate supplement. Thank goodness it’s a paid advert or I would have said something. I looked through it and some candidates haven’t got a manifesto or photo because they didn’t hand them in on time. These are vital to marketing yourself as the best candidate. Why on earth would I vote for you as someone to manage a portfolio when you can’t even manage to hand in a manifesto on time?

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May the Vos be with you

I’ve had to sacrifice some of my editorial space for our Oppikoppi winners, but their photos are so cool that I really don’t mind.

I enjoyed listening to Elmarie, our Entertainment editor, tell me some of the stories our entrants included in their emails.

Craig Sloane and Sarah Newman managed to conquer the uncomfortable stares of the security guards and the ten degree cold to take several awesome, artsy photos. I wish I could share more of them.

Julia Bain spent four hours hand-sewing her fox tail and ears. She also left fluff all over our office when she came to cuddle our stock of back copies.

Shahir Rajakumar’s is wearing 12lkgs of chain mail in his photo. Apparently it was so heavy that even lifting his arm was a feat. I certainly hope he doesn’t plan to wear it at Oppikoppi.

On that note, if you are heading to Oppikoppi for the first time, there is plenty of advice for you on our Entertainment pages. There’s also a hilarious Oppikoppi video about preparing for Oppi on our Youtube channel. We recruited some of our talented drama student staff for it.

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You are what you read

As an English student, you’d expect that I read a lot. Unfortunately, I mostly manage to only read the set works for my subjects interspersed with the odd surfing magazine and the day’s headlines. It’s a pretty embarrassing account.

In the holidays I had a conversation with a good friend and we spent a great deal of time talking about the books he had read. He was able to talk about ideas instead of people and events. Despite feeling very ignorant and not having much to contribute, I enjoyed the conversation and learnt a lot.

In the holidays, Perdeby had two fantastic opportunities. The first was a visit to Paarl Coldset, the people that print Perdeby. They are also responsible for printing City Press, Beeld, Daily Sun, Rapport and The Witness. It made us feel quite small to compare our 10 000 weekly copies to the 400 – 500 000 copies Daily Sun prints, well, daily. I wondered why a tabloid such as Daily Sun would be so popular seeing as it isn’t known for its literary qualities. After reading through several copies, though, I took great delight in the conversational language and its entertainment value. It wasn’t a challenge to read at all.

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Do your best

Exam time is nearly upon us. I know many people find themselves in a constant state of mild panic around this time, and I can’t blame them. This is the time that students realise that they should have probably worked harder during the semester.


I quite enjoy exams, though. The stress is not fun, nor is the fact that they seem to mow the res grass every day while I’m trying to study, but life seems slower and, in a way, easier. It’s okay to take an hour long shower because you have at least another 23 hours in the day to study. I also enjoy spending time with friends I don’t often see in my study breaks. My calmness in this period comes from something my parents have instilled in me.

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