The top ten: first-years edition 2016


Welcome to the Top Ten. This column is the advice column to end all advice columns. Each week Perdeby delivers a list on a variety of topics to ensure you are properly (mis)guided through university and life. Cut it out, stick it on your wall and quote it to your friends, but first things first: in no particular order, here are the top ten word definitions to make your university career easier.

  1. The AE Annex. A non-existent venue on Hatfield campus. Many students have classes scheduled there as a result of an ongoing printing error the university still hasn’t cleared up since the general timetable reshuffle of 1998. Newly discovered free periods are best enjoyed at Oom Gert’s.
  2. The bokdammetjie. The swimming pool outside the Old Arts Building which is open for use by any registered UP student. The reason they keep the water sparkling clean is because you are allowed to swim in it. Also, don’t forget a life jacket. You never know what can happen in 30 cm of water. Just ask the guys who clean it.
  3. Jottir. Madelief’s silly little polystyrene hats that look far better on your wall than on their heads. Perdeby invested in a few of these wall decorations last year. A carefully planned attack intervention will ensure that all other students will find you daring and admirable. Expect party invites and campus hero status.
  4. Mare. A particularly messy and awesome night out (or in). Mares can take place rocking out on a table in Aandklas, bouncing around with the Rastafarians at Tings and Times, anywhere on the Oppikoppi festival grounds, or at a residence’s clubhouse. You’ll meet a variety of cool characters and lose some memory along the way (clothing optional).
  5. Oom Gert’s. A majestic location on campus provided by UP where you may consume copious responsible amounts of alcohol before after your semester test.

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Hello from the 2016 editorial




Editor: Michal Linden

It’s me again. Next year I’ll hopefully be an English Masters kid that still enjoys Earl Grey tea and wants to be a panda. I’m looking forward to another year with my wonderful 2016 team!







Copy: Herman Hoogenboezem

There once was a sub on the job Whose journos caused him to sob He worked late into the night To make everything right And he tried to not call them all knobs.







Entertainment: Elmarie Kruger

When I first started working as Perdeby’s Entertainment Editor in late 2014, I told Michal that the biggest setback about my personality is that I’m too nice. She assured me that this would change in due time, and if you ask my colleagues, they’ll tell you that it has (I happen to know that some of them refer to me as The Terminator behind my back). Aside from that, I’m still Elmarie, I still love pugs and Batman, and even though I feel like I’ve reached most of the goals that past Elmarie set for herself last year, I still want to bring you the best entertainment stories in a wide range of genres. In 2016, let’s discover the entertainment world together, one article at a time.

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Goodbye from the 2015 editorial



Leanne Cumming

As the Features section editor for Perdeby I have developed many skills that I can continue to use as I pursue my career in journalism. I believe that Perdeby will always be the foundation and building blocks of my career. Perdeby has given me the opportunity to grow as a writer and has allowed me to get a feel of how the industry works. Although Perdeby is a much smaller version of the real industry, Perdeby has helped me grow as a person, develop lifelong skills and has deepened my passion and love for the media industry.

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From the Editor-in-Chief

The #FeesMustFall movement has certainly managed to unite groups of students on campus and across South Africa. It also pointed a finger at the ANC government and universities, highlighting their shortcomings and raising student issues.
Although students achieved the 0% increase in fees along with other demands at Tuks, it seems like this is only the start of a much larger issue nationally, one that has perhaps not been fully thought through. The struggle toward free higher education is a noble one. The idea of obtaining a tertiary education without the constraints of one’s economic disadvantage is truly inspirational. As principled as this idea might seem, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. From my experience over the last week I have learned that the movements advocating for fees to fall and free higher education aren’t open for discussion on the matter. I have, however, only heard demands coming from these leaders with very little to no solutions to the problems we face.
Even if tertiary education was free, someone would still have to foot the bill. When the president announced on Friday that there would be no increases for 2016, no one knew where the money would come from to fill the almost R4 billion shortfall universities now face. Students aren’t blind either, and it is clear that the elimination of wasteful expenditure, corruption and mismanagement would very easily contribute to bringing the ideal of free higher education one step closer. The likelihood of a responsible and transparent government is, however, debatable.

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The write side of history

This past week has been one of the toughest and most rewarding for Perdeby. Scores of Perdeby journalists and photographers worked almost around the clock documenting, editing, compiling and posting content about the UPrising protests on campus as well as the national student march to the Union Buildings. I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved and I believe that we represented the protests objectively and calmly.
I’ve been horribly upset by mainstream media this week. I got to meet several of these journalists and I have also kept up to date with what the national media platforms have been publishing about the protest UP students were involved in. The things that I have read have upset me because they are disproportionate to what has actually happened, sensational and, at times, just outright lies.
Many people commented on Twitter about the inaccuracy of a post by a prominent media platform that published a photo of security guards “run[ning] for cover as Tuks students protest”. These security guards certainly weren’t fleeing, as there was nothing to flee from. Flee from peaceful students? Surely campus security has more guts than that. All of our team that were on the ground agree that they never saw security running from protesting UP students.
Another newspaper chose to tell readers about how UP students “went on a rampage” to the men’s residences and TuksMonate. This isn’t true either. Students were hungry.

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