From the editor: Give thanks

What’s the difference between a pizza and a BA degree?... A pizza can feed a family of four.

Luckily for me I don’t have a family of four, but I’ve got that degree now and I can feed myself. #Winning.

In all seriousness though, at my graduation ceremony I really got the full impact of what we are all out here to do. To see everyone so happy with beaming parents and proud family members, all the hard work you put in is all worth it. We have to use times like these to reflect on what we are after and what it all means. Of course, it also makes you think of all the people that have sacrificed their resources, advice, love and care to make sure you get there. So from my side I would like to thank my family for getting me where I am today.

Congratulations to all those who graduated with me in this graduation season, and for those still working towards their graduation, keep pushing. It’s worth it.

With all these achievements, I looked at the content this week, and one of the things that stood out was UP’s Open Day. From a work point of view, Open Day was an important event for introducing prospective students to all that university has to offer. My own Open Day in 2012 was where I got my first few copies of Perdeby, where I was introduced to different fields of study that I never knew existed before, and because of this I ended up in a completely different direction that I was initially intending. Importantly, it is also a time for those who have never seen a university to see it and aspire to one-day finish with a degree. Perhaps this Virtual Online open day needs to be more carefully considered as those who are affected by poverty, for example, may not be able to access this new system. Obviously the Virtual Online open day is not a bad idea. It means that those who can’t make it will have access to see what the university has to offer, but I would argue that it takes the voice of the students out of the ideas people have about university.

I got to attend Step it up last weekend too and see what all the residences have been up to. I was a little shocked to see that some of the residences didn’t take part. To look at the serries of the past, there was also a notable difference in the sizes of both the audience and the performers. I fear that maybe this is the start of the end for old traditions such as serrie. After last year’s debacle, it was made very clear to us that Step it up is a complete new competition and not just a name change. Although the event was well organised, and all credit goes to a hard working Stuku, it seemed to have lost its appeal and excitement. I would say that Step it up was a best case scenario because it was so well put together, but when the results are a step down from the past we should maybe reconsider the capital and effort we put into these things. It would be sad to lose it though. Serrie was unbelievably fun to be part of when I did it, and Step it up looked fun for the performers this year.

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Shaun Sproule

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