80 years of Perdeby: A look back at South Africa’s oldest student newspaper

Perdeby online since 1995

In 1995, Perdeby became the first ever student newspaper in South Africa to be published on the internet. You had to log on to the university’s website where you were able to access an electronic version of the paper. This wafter Perdeby was the first student newspaper in South Africa to become fully computerized in 1990 when we bought six computers.

Before this, journalists would write out their articles by hand or on a typewriter and send them to the printers for layout. We started our own commercial website in 1998. We received 10 000 unique visitors per month that year. Since then we have published our content in print, through our website and then distribute the content on campus and across social media. Our current website was launched in December 2014. Much like the editorial of 2014, we feel that our website needs another upgrade. In the following weeks, the Perdeby website will have a whole new look! Keep a lookout by accessing perdeby.co.za regularly.

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