From the Editor: Melancholy March

This time of year is always a drag, and I have been trying to figure it out for the past couple of years. It seems that there is always a slump in morale. It could be because of the first round of semester tests, the changing seasons, or a general knuckle down that throws all our lives to the wind.

I’ve seen many people struggling, I have even seen it in the Perdeby office with our work. People need a break. So here is some unofficial advice form an almost old guy who is still trying to figure it out himself. I should probably also add the disclaimer that I also feel melancholy march, but this could also be that I don’t take my own advice.

Unwind. I find it’s very important to let your hair down and fully forget about your studies and stresses for a little while. Watch some series or go for a run. Just lie about enjoying the peaceful bliss of silence.

Don’t unwind. More important than unwinding is to not unwind. You have issues you need to address and work you need to do. Get to it and go wild. Make sure you demarcate your chill time and grind time.

Make lists. Lists are crazy useful. Make lists and start at the hardest item and work your way down. Or start at the easiest and work your way up. Don’t forget to include a headline for your list. I like to use “List” when in doubt.

Find fellow sufferers. Band together and team play your way out of your sticky situation. Wars are not won by a single soldier, battle it out with an army of mates behind you who have your back.

Let it all out. There is nothing better than making your problems other people’s problems too. Get them to join in on your troubles, two minds are always better than one. Just remember to return the favour later on.

Contact student support. Student support is there to specifically help people, not only in melancholy March, but also during agonizing April and madness May.

Go home. There is nothing better than going home at the end of a hard week, curling up in front of the TV with the familiar smells of childhood, a home cooked meal, and if you are super lucky, maybe even your clothes being ironed for the first time in weeks (beware to not assume that this will be done, you might just get a clip on the ear).

But most importantly, know that tomorrow is another day. Basically, a fancy way of saying YOLO without the grimy deadbeat connotations, you need to realise that sometimes things do not matter. Obviously use some common sense around this one, things have different levels of importance in the grand scheme of things, but don’t dwell on small issues and let them all build up to a point where you cannot function anymore.

On a more serious note, we have an article this week about the land appropriation situation. I would love to start a discussion through the letters to the editor. We have the until August to critically look at all the issues surrounding this move. Can we do it? Should we err on the side of caution? What effects will it have?

Let me know by sending a letter to the editor. Send me an email at Perdeby is the voice of the students and we would love to offer the platform to have your voice heard.

Go wild

Shaun Sproule

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