From the Editor: News, news, news

Last week was an interesting one. So much happened in our country, and even over our borders. Some good, others horrendous, and also some things that are a bit more complicated than that.

Probably the biggest thing to come out of last week is a new president. I don’t think many people were expecting Zuma’s Valentine’s day announcement. I went to bed early that night and woke up to the news about Zuma, but sadly also the news about the Florida school shooting, and about the sad death of Morgan Tsvangirai, but with some mixed feelings about his hero status. In any case, we can only look with hope to the future after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address.

I sort of hope that there aren’t more of these big surprises, but I work at a newspaper, and at newspapers, no news is never good news.

Speaking of news, you are how we generate news weekly. All our stories are just reports of events that happen to and about our readers. Contact us and get your voice heard.

I would also like to thank you, the readers, for your response to our content. I get so many poetry submissions every week that I could probably fill an entire page in every edition. However, I showed Claudine, our entertainment editor, and we think we can make a plan to create a greater platform for these, so watch this space. We’ve also received some letters in response to last week’s editorial. The letters space in the paper is the perfect place to open and join discussions about current and important issues, or just publicly say hi (please don’t all send me hello messages, we have very limited print space). We always aim to represent the students on UP’s various campuses, and we take our independence and quality very seriously. Don’t hesitate to write me an email, respond to an article, or open a discussion about something you might think is important.

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