From the Editor: See you on the flip side, kids…

The year has come and gone for the Perdeby staff. It feels like just yesterday that the rest of the editorial and I sat down in the previous editor, Huvasan’s, office for the first time, new, timid and unsure. We have made mistakes, but we have learned, grown and matured into a close editorial that can tackle any situation placed before us. We started as a completely new group with no previous experience between us, but we found our way in the end. Happily, some of us are staying, bringing our experience from this year into the new one. We have some exciting plans for next year, so look forward to picking up your first copy of Perdeby on campus in 2018.

I could speak about my experience with what has become my campus family all day, but I also need to thank our regular readers. Without the students this paper does not exist. As I always say, Perdeby is for the students, by the students and about the students. So again, thank you.

Having said that, someone made a claim this week about a story in this edition. According to this person, we are sensationalising a story, but I feel that this story is particularly not one that should pass by without reaching the students. Any time a person does something wrong, in any context, it is ignorant to think that it can, and should, be brushed under that carpet. The fact that we report on it is not sensationalising, it is about holding people accountable for their actions, especially when these people represent the general student population. In any case, I would like to say that Perdeby is still committed to bringing you the truth in a balanced and fair manner going into our 80th year. We are governed by the rules of the Press Code and decades of credibility and I aim to continue this tradition.

In other news, we finally coaxed Pssst... out of its hidey-hole under the office floor- boards, which was quite a difficult task as Pssst... told me that it almost decided not to return as it heard that Olympus had been making demands and claiming that they pay for Perdeby. I can assure you, anonymous Olympus guy, everyone at Perdeby is a volunteer and you most certainly don’t pay for anything around here. See you next year with our big new flashy plans for our 80th anniversary, and of course, good luck with this exam period. I know I could do with some of that luck.

Shaun Sproule


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