From the Editor: Spring and other silly things

It is ridiculous that it is already almost October. It also seems that we have completely skipped over spring too, one day I was wearing hoodies over jerseys, the next I’m trying to find the thinnest shirts in my cupboard, in another we will be preparing for the stress of exams.

The world is filled with silly things, but things we assume are silly can be serious too. Take the silly leader Kim Jong-un (or as another silly world leader calls him: “rocket man”); this walking f***-boy hair-cut could lead the world to a nuclear war. The prospect is so serious, the Perdeby office is increasingly being populated by dooms-day-preppers. Even Pssst… is hiding in the nuclear shelter under the floorboards of the Perdeby office. If you haven’t heard much about North Korea, take a look at our article for a quick guide on it.

While all this silly seriousness is happening in the world we choose to occupy ourselves with the more important issues, like GoT. Mundane pastimes like these bring a whole new level of seriousness to our lives. I think if anyone got in the way of some of the editorial when they had to rush home to watch the latest GoT episode we would have a nuclear war right on campus. If you are struggling to find yourself after the season finale, and you have watched your measly ration of Rick and Morty (and are not as active as the crazy guys and gals from TuksExploratio who climbed the height of Everest in 24 hours), we have some suggestions of other things for you to watch.

Even if they’re not presidents, people can be silly too. One area I am increasingly realising people can be the most silly is when they claim they “read it somewhere” but they have actually just SEEN a snippet of a very broad topic, and it really grinds my gears. Why have people become so lazy? We extrapolate an entire opinion from a headline and call tweets our news. If it was that simple, newspapers would look a whole lot different, and all the books and series we enjoy oh so much would be compressed into a meaningless phrase for you to imagine out the rest as your mind desires. Don’t be that person. I challenge you this week to go and read something, but read it properly. You might find that there is a whole bunch of information under that headline that will supply you with the information to answer your silly angry questions. You look like a great rotten mango when you jump the gun.

Speaking about mangoes, enter our Oppikoppi competition! My advice: The sillier your entry is, the more likely you will win.

Finally, last week we had intake interviews and I was overwhelmed at how not silly they were. We had a total of 68 applications, which is amazing. All 68 of these applications could have been happily accepted into our staff, but unfortunately, we don’t have the space. To the ones who made it, well done! I hope you will enjoy your time with Perdeby, that you discover a passion for the paper as others before you have. To the ones who didn’t make it, I’m sorry. It was difficult rejecting anyone this round – you can always apply again next year when we have intake in February.

Shaun Sproule


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