Are all the things political?

From the Sports Editor 

Between the fiasco that was the vote of no confidence, to the growing fear of nuclear war between North Korea and the US, I completely understand why some of us may be feeling a little “politically fatigued”.

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The things are rather lit

Apologies for the title, but I’m trying to be cool. But now that I have your attention, welcome to our Literature edition – it definitely is lit. We have been working on it for quite a while. A literature supplement of this size has been my dream for quite some time and I am immensely proud of every person who had a hand in putting it together.

I’m most proud of the writing competition this week. We received an overwhelming number of entries, showing the importance that literature has in our lives.

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All the things are chemical

Science plays a large role in the shaping of a better world. Unfortunately, science is frequently in the news facing opposition from people who deny or disagree with it because it opposes or conflicts with their belief system.

There is a strong difference between a fact and an opinion. A fact is objective and can be proven and backed up with evidence, whereas an opinion is subjective and stems from a belief or view. It is the difference between ‘today was 35 degrees on average’ and ‘I thought today was very hot’.

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The thing is bittersweet

The second semester is basically a mini new year without the fireworks. We start off reenergised, hyped and hopeful, ready to take on anything that comes our way and able and willing to make changes to the missteps of the previous semester. But just like New Year’s resolutions, our good intentions and determination tend to fizzle out rather quickly.

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From the Online Content Editor: I don’t know what to call this thing either


My name is Carly. I am a (proud) Slytherin, my patronus is a Newfoundland, and I can tell you where to find all of the fantastic beasts (Newt Scamander included). In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a Potter Head. Oh, I’m also the Online Content editor at Perdeby. Sometimes I find that I have missed the important things around me. I don’t stop moving. There is always something that needs to be done for the publication, or a Latin text to be translated, or an English book to be read, or a student to tutor, or a History assignment to be written. My multiple to-do lists never seem to be completed. My brain never turns off.

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