Party Guide 12-18 September




The Jolly Roger:  Roger that Tuesday. Specials include the usual three double vodka and mix for R60 and two double Klipdrift and coke for R45.

Entrance is free before 20:00.



Springbok bar at 19:00: Quiz night, for bookings contact Jurika at 0798052447. Each team should have a maximum of six people. Entrance is free.

The Jolly Roger From 17:00: The official unofficial spring day after party. The last stop for spring day will be the after party held at the Jolly Rogers.

Specials: R20 craft beers, R45 for 2 brandy and cokes, R60 for a ROBOT. Entrance is free.

Arcade empire at 20:00: Spring day official afterparty. A line up of good DJ’S such as Grimehouse and Austin Cassim will be at your service to close the curtains for the infamous UP Spring Day celebration.

Tickets are R60 pre-sold, R70 if you attended the spring day celebration and still have wrist band and R80 at the entrance all night.

Aandklas at 20:00: Spring day with the Barbosa Experience. R8 P010C, R8 Strawberry Lips, R8 Sours, R30 for hellfire shots and R150 Budweiser bucket will be lined up for the night. Entrance is R20.

Tuks Spring Day at 10:00: Pretoria botanical gardens. there will be free bus shuttles running from Hatfield. Tickets will be R150 at the gate and R120 online.

Tickets available online on plankton (



Madison Avenue Pretoria from 20:00: The student games. Join Madison’s with an eventful night full of games, especially the raunchy rodeo. Tame the Rodeo Bull and stand a chance of winning a R1000 bar tab. Drink specials include R2 drinks till 21:00, buy one get one free house spirit and mix from 21:00 to 22:00 and R5 shooters till midnight.

Entrance is free till 21:00.
Arcade Empire at 19:00: South Park quiz night. There can only be six people in each team, with a limitation of 40 teams. Book at There will be six categories and all categories will be based on South Park. First price , six tickets to Halloween 2017 hosted at Arcade Empire. Second place prize is a R500 bar tab, third a bottle of Jägermeister.

Entrance is R30 per team, cash only.



Arcade Empire at 18:00: Free drum and bass. An open minded genre of music.  Entrance is free.



Arcade Empire at 19:00: Medicine Boy, Hello Beautiful and The Tazers.

Entrance is R50 before 21:00 and R60 after.


The Jolly Roger at 13:00: Sunday sessions marathon.

Aandklass at 18:30: Open Mic Night. Free entry.



The Jolly Roger at 18:00: Quiz night. Teams can have a maximum of six members. your social media marketing partner

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