Perdeby party guide: 5-11 September


Madison Avenue at 20:00: Avatar – Partyfest Synergy ’17 -LIThout. The next event in this competition is courtesy of Olienhout and Curlitzia. The event will once again provide twodancefloors that will be playing different genres of music. On this night, you can enjoy oldies on the main dance floor and hip hop and alternative in the glass box. Pre-sale tickets are R10, R20 for students at the door and R30 for the general public.

The Jolly Roger at 19:00: Roger that Tuesday. Specials include: three double vodka and mix for R60 and two double Klipdrift and coke for R45. Free entrance before 20:00.



Aandklas at 19:30: Regular quiz night. Maximum team size: eight people. Entrance is free.  

Springbok at 19:30: Regular quiz night. Maximum team size: six people. Be sure to book at 079 805 2447. Entrance is free. Prizes to be won: bar tabs. 

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Pizzacoustics ft Versa, Werner Bekker and Nick May. Free entrance. All-you-can-eat pizza for R80. Two-for-one jam jars. Boxcar Street Food Eatery menu will be available.

The Jolly Roger at 19:00: 10 to 10. Drink specials include vodka, rum, or cane with a mix for R10 from 19:00 to 22:00. There will be live DJs. Entrance is free.



Madison Avenue at 20:00: Madisons First Thursdays – Vimo F#*king Vimo. The DJs for the night include Vimo, Rob Jackson, Solly P and Apollo Xi. The drink specials for the night will be: R2 drinks until 21:00, buy-one-get-one-free on the house spirit mix from 21:00 until 22:00 and R5 shooters until midnight. Entrance is free before 21:00, and R50 thereafter.

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Olmeca Tequila and Swade Shift present In The Mix. This event will give local DJs and producers an opportunity to showcase their talent and get a chance to win prizes. DJs performing include: Cavemen, Mickie, SPM and MLTD. Entrance is free.

The Jolly Roger at 19:00: student night. Specials include R20 craft beer and R60 for three double vodka and mix drinks.



Madison Avenue at 20:00: Daniel Baron “Weekend of Mass Destruction” Album Tour. Daniel Baron will be taking over Madison Avenue with the launch of his new album. He will perform alongside Solly P and Apollo Xi. The drink specials for the night will be: R5 drinks from 20:00 until 21:00, R7 drinks from 21:00 until 22:00, R10 shooters until midnight and R45 JamJars all night. Entrance will be R60.

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Tamagotchi ft Popartlive, Retro Dizzy, We Are Charlie and Raygun Royale. Entrance will be R60 before 21:00 and R80 thereafter. If you bring a toy for charity you will get a free shot of tequila at the door.



Arcade Empire at 18:30: Stoke City vs. Manchester United. This event is presented by Manchester United Supporters’ Club South Africa (MUSCSA). You can watch and enjoy the soccer game.

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Frat Olympics. Assemble a team, come up with a frat name, designs shirts, get a mascot and bring a flag. All teams entering should post their frat names on Arcade Empire’s Facebook page in order to be drawn from a hat to decide on the teams competing, as only three teams can compete. You can bring as many members as you like but only six members per team may compete. The dress code is: shorts and tennis sweatbands. The four challenges will be: chandelier, flippy cup, beerpong and race cage. Entrance will be R40. The band line-up includes: Strait-Jackal, Stones & Gold and Scarlotte Will.

The Jolly Roger:  Live sport all day. Specials include R20 craft beer draughts, R60 for three double vodka and mix, and R50 for a Jolly burger and Hunters Edge.



Aandklas at 18:30: Open Mic Night. Enjoy some local talent on this occasion. Pizza, beer and cocktail specials will be available to the early birds. Entrance is free.



The Jolly Roger at 18:00: Weekly quiz night. Teams of two to six players. your social media marketing partner

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