Perdeby experience: Perdeby gets its dodgeball on at Tshwane 10s

Every week Perdeby sends its journalists to experience something out of their comfort zone. This time Perdeby played dodgeball.

TeamPerdebySport once again stepped out of the comfort of our office to take part in the Zando Tshwane 10s Sports Festival as part of one of many teams competing in the dodgeball tournament. The event was spread over two days (Friday 25 August and Saturday 26 August), starting with the opening rounds in the later part of day one and concluding with the semi-finals and finals at the end of day two. Pretoria’s very own Harlequins Rugby Club played host to the event with live entertainment, giveaways and food stalls creating an electric atmosphere from the get-go.

Our foray into the world of dodgeball began on the afternoon of day one as we took on local rivals, the UP res teams Zinnia, Maroela and Magrietjie. Individual matches between teams were made up of four separate rounds. The team with the most round wins would win the match, with the goal being to amass enough points to make it through to the semi-finals and eventually the final. Our team’s first day proved to be a shockingly successful one. We had initially played down our chances seeing as our deadline-dodging skills were more finely tuned than our actual ball-dodging skills, but a surprising win over Zinnia followed by two more victories over Magrietjie and Maroela meant we were one win away from ending day one undefeated. However our newfound pride would soon be thoroughly dealt with by the team which would go on to win the entire tournament. The aptly named “Untouchaballs” remained true to their creed throughout our match and ensured their (dodge) balls remained untouchable throughout. Our victories over the res teams faded into distant memory as we scrambled around the arena desperate to avoid the missile-like balls being launched at us from any and every angle.  The saying “Don’t count your dodgeballs before they’re dodged” applied perfectly to our team in this instant as one by one we were eliminated from each round, eventually succumbing to a crushing defeat. Bruised but not broken our team regrouped at the start of day two determined to avenge the previous day’s loss. Unfortunately day two’s exploits in the arena went the way of the loss to the Untouchaballs. Five matches played, five matches lost was the final result. However, the experience helped create moments in which teammates, fellow journalists, Untouchaball survivors could bond. Zando 10s events were well organized and extremely enjoyable, with the organisers doing an incredible job of making it feel both inclusive and accessible to all. 


Photo: Shaun Sproule. your social media marketing partner

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