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Every week Perdeby publishes an experience piece, but today were publishing something extra. Since applications for Perdeby are open this week, we decided to share an experience of working at Perdeby.

I joined Perdeby in 2015 as a Features journalist, I have always enjoyed writing and had considered studying journalism as a degree. I became Features editor for 2017 and I now have a brand new portfolio to ensure many students get an opportunity to learn and grow from Perdeby.

As a general staff member I pitched an article about three weeks before the edition went to print (we go to print on the Friday night the week before you see the papers on campus). This means I suggested two to three ideas to my editor and they picked the best one. I then had around a week to write the article, doing research and speaking to sources. Features articles are about 600-800 words, but while that may seem like a lot, often it’s not enough to discuss the nuances of a particular issue. Once my article was sent in my job was done and I pitched another article if we had another edition coming up soon. As Features editor the main part of my work would start when I received an article. It would be my job to edit it, suggest corrections if needed, and lay it out in the paper.

As this is an experience piece and not a tutorial on the Features process, here are some things I have gained from working at Perdeby. As a student it becomes very easy to define yourself on campus by your marks. Every loss is a failure of your character. This is not healthy. Perdeby has been a way to define myself by something different, so when I look back at university it is not only at all those late nights that didn’t result in distinctions. With every edition I feel a sense of pride at seeing something I worked hard on in print and being read by other students. My academic life is not just tests and assignments.
Through Perdeby I feel like a part of campus. I don’t feel like another customer, here for classes only. I am here to learn, but I am not paying an exorbitant amount of money to be tired and stressed every day. Perdeby has given me a meaningful way to be a part of campus. It is important to find this meaning. Get involved, be a part of your university.
If you’ve ever heard an adult saying you need to ‘broaden your horizons’ and ‘open your mind’ and been a little annoyed because you felt like you were already open-minded, then Perdeby is the place for you. I always thought I was open-minded until I joined Perdeby and realised I wasn’t. I have met so many types of people with so many different ideas and I have learnt from all of them.

My new section is called Development, but I like to think of it as the section designated to answering the questions ‘how can we make Perdeby better?’ How can we get a more diverse group of applicants so that we can have a more diverse editorial and more diverse content? How can we share the skills and knowledge we have with students on campus who are not part of Perdeby? How can we better tell all sides of the story? Although this is my section, I am not the answer, you are. Come and work for us and make Perdeby better. Perdeby is doing its best to be the voice of students on campus, calling out the SRC/TSC if they aren’t doing their job, letting you know what’s happening on campus, and giving you in-depth information so that you can form your own opinions about current events. However, we are aware that we might not be reaching everyone. We know this is a problem and we want to fix it. If you feel underrepresented, come and work here and make yourself and others represented and heard. If we are covering too much of a particular type of event, come and work here and help us cover different ones. Perdeby is made of students who are all learning and growing. Your view of the world might be different to some of ours. Come and teach us, and we will give you the tools to teach others. 

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